Thursday, April 03, 2014

10 years ago...

It was 10 years ago this month that I started this blog,and it changed my life in many unsuspecting ways. So first, Happy Anniversary to that occasion. In the 1980's I had been very active creatively from 1983-1992. I was drawing and writing and satisfied with the outlets I had to put my creativity to use. But then I entered a different part of my life, as we all do, and had to adjust to the new surroundings of not only a sense of place but of relationships. I moved from Long Island where I had spent the last decade to the Philadelphia area.I got married , I got a job.The 9-5 routine and the pre- internet days left me in a bit of creative limbo- a bit of hibernation of the imagination.I kind of disappeared from a lot of friends and just got wrapped into the suburban life. And then in 2004- well blogs were popular, the talk of the media,and started one where I could throw my sense of humor and life out there. It had been awhile since I dipped my toe in the waters of being social and from that soon found some friendships from people around the country who seemed to like what I wrote, and I enjoyed their pages as well.And bunny photos. A lot of fans of photos of my pet rabbits. In 2006 the social media phenomenon of Myspace was at its peak. More interesting people came into my life and through those flukey circumstances I discovered podcasts and internet radio which by 2008 led to even more amazing friendships and creative partnerships. And a few years later of course Facebook and Twitter came to rule the social media hub and things like the blog seemed to fall away-we were all still having adventures but mostly it was easier to take a photo of the good meal or vacation and post it without the long description. I'm proud of my old friends who still blog and put themselves out there in the written word. After 10 years of being out of hibernation I'm happy to still be contributing in some shape or form, and this blog started me on that journey.

Wednesday, October 03, 2012

Farewell Baxter

In case any former readers visit this page I have to mention that one of my beloved pet rabbits, Baxter died on September 14th. It was just about 10 days from exactly 8 years since I adopted her as a baby. Revisit the September 2004 posts on the blog to see photos of her. Actually there are many many photos of her throughout the history of this blog. She was truly a joy through the years. A beautiful friend who would always be happy to see me.I'm glad the last 5 years she found happiness with Finnegan by her side.The days and nights they spent together I think added to her years. She had a safe happy home with us. One of her favorite things to do was find the sunbeam that shone in and would flop out and nap- so content with her world and enjoying literally her place in the sun. As with all our rabbits after they die we had her cremated and her box of ashes rests on my bay window where the daily sunbeam will continue giving her a place to shine. I shall never forget her.

Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Face in a Book

It's nice to revisit this page occasionally. A chance to dust off the cobwebs , kick the tumbleweeds and take a look around. A time to let you know I'm still here to anyone who stumbles upon my page.All is well with me these days. Health good. My job ok. Bunnies are all well. Yesterday, I started an experiment that had friends calling me concerned if I was ok. The source of this concern? I deactivated my Facebook page. It came down to a decision I had regarding how to spend time wisely. Once upon a time I used to read in my free time. A LOT. In my corner of the house I have a lot of space devoted to bookcases. I have books everywhere. Over the last year or two I have accumulated a stack of books I have been meaning to get to, and the best way to dive in was to get rid of something taking up my time. Facebook is a nice way to reconnect with old friends, and I enjoyed the games like bejeweled and words with friends, but I really want to get back into my reading habits which faded away.It's too easy to get swept up in Facebook and so I cut myself off cold turkey. I try not to be too plugged into the world 24/7. I don't own a smart phone and refuse to put the internet on one. I avoid most tv except for a few programs- too much news cycle just makes me more cynical and depressed about the world. Deactivation is nice because eventually if I choose to I can start it up again. But it's funny that in today's world by declining to be a part of Facebook , my more tech minded friends sound alarms like you are up on a ledge or something testing wind direction. I just want to read books for a few weeks every night instead of following status update after status update for hours. So I'm digging into the stack- I have an Andrew Jackson biography to read , followed by the Mark Twain autobiography, a Theodore Roosevelt biography and a JFK Biography. I will be existing happily with my books.

Monday, February 20, 2012

Wednesday, June 29, 2011


I have no idea if any of my old friends will be reading this. I stopped doing the regular daily blog almost 3 years ago.I look at the old blogs, looking at time standing still.Those were fun days and it was a nice creative exercise to try to come up with content daily. It's funny a lot of my friends who wrote kind of wrapped up their pages by 2009 as well. For some I think the novelty wore off. Or we seemed to tell all our stories. The internet moved on and Facebook and Twitter kind of took over our daily net lives.I still see some blog friends over on facebook and there's the occasional hello but not the sense of community that really seemed to be fostered when so many people were writing.Some still blog daily or weekly and I truly admire them for that.

In some ways a lot has happened to my life in that time. In other ways not so much.

I'm still married. yes she still gives me the "Look of Death". I usually deserve it.
I still have rabbits- Finnegan, Baxter, Ollie and Benny now. Twizzle died about 2 years ago.
I still have a job, in an industry where I will probably be obsolete in a few years.I'm not optimistic so I try to keep hoping for the best when i know my futre will probably be wal-mart greeter.
I still have my health. No problems since my mini stroke in 2007.Once a year my cardiologist checks me out and everything has been ok since.
My father died a few months ago. Many years of health problems ended peacefully for him.
I still try to be involved with a few creative projects to keep myself busy.Some have been more successful than others and I've been able to meet people from all over the globe.
This page may stand still as a relic of another time in my life but I haven't totally forgotten about it.
Somedays I get the urge to write again...

Tuesday, December 15, 2009


Perhaps I should dust off the old blog again....

Monday, November 17, 2008

Monday Bunday

Baxter and Finnegan. Yes, Finn is home and recovered from his illness.

Ollie looking happy or maybe singing.

75 years ago today...

The Marx Brothers film "Duck Soup" was released to the public. One of the greatest comedies ever. Hail Freedonia!

Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Finnegan is ok

Finn had a kidney infection but is recovering nicely. The vet says he is getting back to normal , and I'll be able to bring him home tomorrow.The antibiotics and fluids helped him. We went to see him at lunch time- he was happy to see us and appreciated the attention. He looked a little sad that he wasn't going home today but tomorrow he'll be back with Baxter again.

Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Finn update

The vet called this morning and said he seemed to be responding to treatment and was a bit feisty this morning...which means he was probably in a mood with strangers and swatting at them. ...which is good news since Sunday he was barely moving. He'll stay at the vet's through tomorrow and they'll do more bloodwork to see if the antibiotics and fluids are helping.

Monday, November 03, 2008


Finnegan isn't doing so well. Over the weekend, he suddenly became gradually lethargiic. His appetite, always good, dropped off and he wanted no hay, pellets, or greens. We made sure he took water using a syringe , and Sunday night he perked up a little nibbling on some lettuce. His hopping had slowed a bit. But he definitely needed to go to the vet.

In his younger days, he was prone to stomach blockage due to furballs , but has been feeling good for months, so his crashing like this was sudden and unexpected.
Fortunately, we go to a marvelous vet who really understands Rabbit health well. Some tests were done and no, it wasn't stomach blockage but his kidneys and liver aren't doing so well. It could be a virus.So he is staying overnight at the vet at least until Wednesday to see if some antibiotics and some saline can bring him back.

I hope it does.

60 years ago today

One of the most famous photos in Americans Presidential elections. November 3,1948 Harry Truman won the Presidency much to the surprise of pollsters.The heavily Republican Chicago Tribune printed its first edition a little ahead of actual results. At a St. Louis train station the paper was handed to Truman, who posed with it and said "That ain't the way I head it!".

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Wassup...8 years later