Sunday, June 27, 2004

Greyton and Twizzle enjoying a quiet Sunday evening together.

Tuesday, June 22, 2004

Special Guest Star for Today's Blog of Pratt..My friend Dave Streich..Mr. Snappy wrote me about his "Brush with Greatness" at the NYC premiere of Michael Moore's Fahrenheit 9/11. Here is his story: Hold onto your horses.

I met Al 3 times, all the night of the NY preem of
F9/11. Did you know I went to that?

Anyway, the first time, he was chatting up some folks
outside the Zeigfeld, and I saw an opening. I told him
that I was a big fan from way back, and often got in
trouble for reciting his old SNL bits. He said he was
sorry, and I asked for a photo. He was with his son,
who, if you remember, was on Weekend Update several

About fifteen minutes later, I was in the packed and
star-studded lobby, drinking red wine as I waited
patiently on line for my free popcorn. I was right
between Moby and Tony Bennett, and all of a sudden,
Bill O'Reilly (a very tall man) put his hands on my
shoulders to use me as leverage to get past me! He was
in a rush apparently to not be seen by the liberals
and to get into the theater (also, to get out, as he
left the show half-way through it). Anyway, after I
got my popcorn, I saw Al again, chatting with John
Turturro, who was apologizing for not having read Al's
book yet, being that he was very busy shooting
(Romance & Cigs), but promised that he would read it
while he edits the film (which I think is unlikely,
because films are really made in the editing room, and
R&C is a musical, so JT's got his hands full). Anyway,
Al told him not to worry about it, he'd rather John
spend real time with the book. After JT went for his
popcorn, I cornered Al and told him about Bill
O'Reilly's manhandling of me to further himself, and I
said something like, "It's perfectly him." Al laughed,
and then he grabbed me by the shoulders and shoved me
away so he could get into the theater quicker too. We
all laughed at that one.

After the movie, I tried to loiter a little so I could
meet more stars. I really wanted to meet Yoko and I
just found out ten minutes ago that Kurt Vonnegut was
there... I would have liked to say "Hi-Ho!" to him. I
jumped into the men's room, and went up to the urinal.
And guess who was next to me? "Oh, You Again!" I said
to Al Franken, who was whizzing away. Al said, "I've
had to go for the longest time. That'll teach me to
drink a large Diet Coke." I said "I've had to pee
since the inauguration." But then, I couldn't pee! I
had a bit of the old Stage Fright. So I zipped up,
washed up, and got out of there. Once Al left, I went
back in and went into a stall.

In other news, I patted Michael Moore on the back as
he walked down the aisle to give a speech after the
film, and also shook Harvey's hand. Oh, and I told
Moby that I've never heard his music, but was
interested because I'm sure I would like it, and would
he please give me a place to start. He suggested Play.
Later, I saw him again, and told him that my friend
Karyn told me that she had that album on her iTunes at
work, and that I would listen to it the next day. This
Saturday, at Coney Island's Mermaid Parade, Moby is
King Neptune, so I will go up to him and tell him that
I enjoyed Play very much.

Who else do you want to hear about, Pratt

Dave also wanted me to mention the following : let people know
that "My name is David Streich and I support this

Done and Done Mr. Snappy!

Sunday, June 20, 2004

"One father is more than a hundred schoolmasters."-George Herbert

Happy Father's Day. I've been thinking about my Dad a lot this week. He's had a brief hospital stay recently but is home resting now. He has taught me so much throughout my life.

There are of course the important things that every father teaches a son. Like knowing right from wrong,and the importance of being a good citizen. But the last day or two I've been thinking about some of the little things my father has taught me. They may seem trivial, but I carry them with me always.

1. Scrambled Eggs. My Dad taught me how to make scrambled eggs and they are my favorite thing for breakfast..well before Krispy Kreme donuts were introduced to me. And they have to be served with Ketchup.
Mrs. Pratt still gives me the look that I am from another planet when I douse my eggs with ketchup, but that's how I first saw Dad eat them.
Any other ketchup on scrambled eggs fans out there?

2. The Newspaper. My father always took time to read the newspaper when he came home from work. He instilled in me an interest in the outside world by handing me more of the newspaper than just the Comics or the Sports section. So I'm a newspaper guy. I start every day with coffee and a paper.

3. Whistling. My father I remember always loved to be whistling around the house whenever he was working on a project or out in the garage. I whistle a lot too. It drives Mrs. Pratt crazy for some reason but I got music in my bones.When I make the rabbits dinner I do a distinct whistle - they know its their dinner time and they come a-running.

4.The Sayings. As a child, if my brothers and sisters and I would come downstairs sleppily, Dad would always ask if we were "Bright Eyed and Bushy Tailed." Even on visits home in the last few years I could be asked that. Of course that is passed down to me, and Mrs. Pratt is queried that almost daily by me. Sometimes she'll growl from under the covers. Sometimes its "Do I look like a ground squirrel?" . I keep the tradition going. The bunnies hear it every day.And yes they constantly are.

Another tradition is pointing out Four-legged Ducks. One of my earliest memories is driving through the countryside of upstate NY and when we passed by any cows in a farmer's field, Dad would say - "Look at those Four Legged Ducks!" Astounding to the 4 year old mind. I would protest- "NOOOO those are cows!!" Nope- four legged ducks.Dad would say.
Likewise now thirty years later whenever we drive by any cows I say to Mrs. Pratt "Look at those four legged ducks." She's fascinated by me.

So for all those little things that I hold dear to my heart a Happy Father's Day to my Dad. Now if you'll excuse me, I'm feeling bright eyed and bushy tailed...I want to read the newspaper and have some Scrambled eggs.(exits whistling)

Saturday, June 19, 2004

Today I found a batch of photos from our trip to Hawaii for our 10 th anniversary last September. Beautiful Diamondhead is in the background.Also part of Waikiki Beach.We had just renewed our vows. Mrs. Pratt looking hot as always and me looking like Lobster boy. Its a sunny day here in Philadelphia today, but I sure miss Hawaii.

Thursday, June 17, 2004

Mr. Twizzle looking very wascally today.

Saturday, June 12, 2004

I still have this bad cold..although now its moved down to my chest. So still not in a blog mood. Enjoy this photo of Feather today.

Wednesday, June 09, 2004

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Monday, June 07, 2004

Silly Lucky Captain Rabbit King..Lucky Captain Rabbit King Cereal is for the Youth!

Silly Rabbit!! Trix are for Kids!

Friday, June 04, 2004

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Thursday, June 03, 2004

Princess Jewel says hello. I've been putting up photos of the other bunnies and some of her fans have asked for another royal appearance. Jewel is a dutch/dwarf mix and has blue eyes.

Feather is her arch- enemy. Female rabbits sometimes have vicious fights- so we keep them separated. Greyton loves to come upstairs and get nose to nose with her- the big flirt.He thinks he's Elvis wooing the ladies sometimes.

Princess is a big fan of carrots with green tops, and is in great shape for a bunny her age...which is almost 9. We've had her since 1997. She has the demeanor of Queen Victoria sometimes, but its all an act.

Tuesday, June 01, 2004

Hubert..the backyard Groundhog..shadow not included.