Tuesday, November 30, 2004

Dudley Do Write...

I finally finished my NanoWriMo Writing Project! My final word count was 50,132. Thanks to everybody who read parts of it and gave me inspiration and feedback. It was a nice creative exercise. Now then, If really bored, try giving it a read. There are 32 chapters and it's pretty light entertainment.

The Doe Goes Dodo...

Baxter needs to get fixed right away. Her little hormones are kicking in. Here she is doing her impression of Paris Hilton.

In other rabbit news, which I know is why you meander onto my page, Greyton and Twizzle had a fight. A big fight. At 11pm last night I went downstairs to set up the coffee maker a half hour before they were hanging out in the living room with no problems. Well I see them circling each other in the kitchen ...then I noticed the blood. Yes it was Bunday Bloody Bunday. Greyton either bit or scratched Twizzle on the neck and there was some blood. We tended to both bunnies looking for any other cuts, scrapes or gaping head wounds. We cleaned Twiz up a bit but we were shocked about the blood on the floor You'd think that Mr. Young whacked Mrs. Huber with the blender again.(obligatory Desperate Housewives mention)

Twizzle is fine..he is in his pen for protection(and gladly chowed down carrots this morning) and the two will only be out together under full supervision. Miss Baxter has these boys in a tizzy.

Monday, November 29, 2004

Mt. Workmore...

Just a small sampling of the mountains of work I had today..I get the urge to just yell "Jenga!"

Monday Bunday...

I hate Thanksgiving Left-overs!

Return of the Odd Couple.

Baby Baxter all flopped out.

Saturday, November 27, 2004

Weekend Fog...

I'm sorry I'm not posting a lot this last week. My father is still in the hospital. I've been a little down over the situation. So it's not the usual goofy self-depreciating posts I usually do on here. One silly thing happened to me this weekend.

Having the extra long weekend has put me in a bit of a fog. I wake up and think "It feels like a Sunday" but it's Friday. Or trying to figure out when to set my alarm for work but it's Saturday. Yeah I'm a little preoccupied.

Thanksgiving was good though. Mrs. Pratt and I had a very nice dinner at a favorite restaurant, then afterwards that night saw the movie Sidewayswhich was wonderful.

Friday I wasn't in the mood to do the rabid Black Friday shopping frenzy. Mrs. Pratt and I did go to a local diner for breakfast and ran into a restaurant favorite "Mr.Read Everything Out Loud on the Menu Guy". He was at the next table with his wife- a guy in his thirties,sporty goatee,and a Lord of the Rings sweatshirt ...and began reciting the diner menu chapter and verse to her like she was 5 years old.

Mr.R.E.O.L.O.T.M.G.: "They have a Reuben. They have a Chicken Cordon Bleu sandwich. They have a Ham and Cheese sandwich. They have A French Dip sandwich."

He said this in a VERY LOUD voice. Now the wife wasn't vision or hearing impaired.I thought it was a scene from the Miracle Worker or something at first. But Mrs. Pratt noticed she was reading her own menu.

He continued on though.

Mr. R.E.O.L.O.T.M.G.: "They have a Chicken Breast Sandwich. They have a Roast Beef Sandwich. They have Chicken Salad Sandwich."

I whispred to Mrs.. Pratt in an aside "They have a two by four to hit him in the head with..."

He moved on to the Soups. I'm not kidding.

Mr. R.E.O.L.O.T.M.G: "Manhattan Clam Chowder. New England Clam Chowder. They have Chicken Noodle Soup."

I was stabbing my omelet a little too forcefully and giving Mrs. Pratt the exasperated Oliver Hardy look.Hard boiled Eggs and Nuts.Hmmph.

The waitress finally came to their table. You think after Mr. Menu's dissertation the wife would have opted for one of his enthusiastic choices.

She didn't. "I'll have a Turkey Club."

Mrs. Pratt and I both smiled at each other. The rest of the weekend has been me continuing with my writing project, a few phone calls to blog friends and talking to my family about my father's condition.

Wednesday, November 24, 2004

Lick My Stamps...

Today has been a real subdued day for me. Late last night I was told that my father had a minor heart attack and is in the hospital. Tests are being done and more won't be known until Friday, but he's under good care right now and several sisters are keeping me updated on him.

So my day today has been a bit of a downer. I did take a trip to the local post office to mail out the first batch of Blog of Pratt Holiday CD's. If any reader still wants one - email me your address at Prattoons@yahoo.com

The local post office wasn't too busy. A few people ahead of me. It has been ahwile since I've had a weird experience in mingling with the general public. I was worried that my freak compass was broken...well the needle started spining right away.

One man was up at one window asking for fifty post card stamps. Then took the postcards out of his coat and put them on one by one. The clerk didn't even asked him to step aside to take another customer so stampmeister took his grand old time going through his stacks.

Another woman was bringing somehting in a box and it slipped from her hands. All of us on line heard something akin to glass breaking. Woman picks up box curses profusely and exits post office.

I was next in line after an Indian gentleman who had a this big bag and asked about global shipping. He pulled out two beanie baby looking teddy bears and then asked about Global Priority Shipping. When asked where "India?" said Mail Lady?

"No." replied Mr. Nahasapeemapetilon "Ukraine."
yeah he said Ukraine. The Mail Lady clerk excused herself from his window ..but then walked TWO FEET AWAY to the next counter where she said in the loudest stage whisper..."THIS MAN WANTS TO SHIP HIS THINGS TO UKRAINE".

The co-worker just looked at the guy and pretty much had a "yeah...so what?" attitude.Mail Lady returned like she didn't just act suspicious and asked the man to pack the things in front of her. He was given huge bags to package his stuff in. Now these were tiny tiny bears so as weird as it looked I wasn't ready to jump on the phone to Tom Ridge. But isn't there some massive turmoil going on in the Ukraine right now? I mean political upheaval and protests? I'm glad that the arrival of Funshine Bear by Mahatma of Philly will solve everything.

I was next and able to get my packages mailed to my adoring public. I left the post office refreshed that I had some blog fodder today.

Tuesday, November 23, 2004

Eye Opener...

Eva Longoria first thing in the morning..who needs coffee??

Monday, November 22, 2004

Blog of Pratt on Cafepress...

Have you been jonesin' for the Blog of Pratt tank top? T-Shirt? Baseball cap? Coffee mug? Thong? Well your prayers have been answered with the Official Blog of Pratt store courtesy of Cafe Press.

Just in time for the holidays! Spread a little Pratt around the world.Amaze your friends! Horrify your Mom! Baffle the elderly!

A special note of thanks to Carrie at IndigoBlue Creations for assisting in the set-up. She totally rocks.

So browse in the Blog of Pratt store. More items will become available soon.

Monday Bunday-Thanksgiving Edition

Greyton asks Tom Turkey if it's ok to Gobble his salad.

Princess says No Turkeys on her royal blankets!

Mr. Twizzle and Mr. Tom Turkey discuss the upcoming week.

Another male falls under Baxter's bewitching spells.His giblets are mine!

The Pratt Bunnies wishes you all a Happy Thanksgiving this week.

Friday, November 19, 2004

Writer's Blockhead...

Working on NaNoWriMo has been fun but it has its drawbacks. The writing part I'm finding very easy. Once I sit in front of the computer I've just able to wing it and coming up with the plot as I've been trucking along.

I make no bones that the whole thing doesn't really have any literary merit.It's just typing to get a word count. I think the plot of my damn watch instructions was more complicated than my hackneyed detective story.

My friend mary ann is also doing the contest. It's no real contest -you just have 30 days to write 50,000 words. So we discuss our progress.

Me: "Well, the finale takes place on New Year's Day. But I've firmly established the characters at a few weeks before.What shall I do with them for three weeks?"

MA: "Why are there Apricots in my trail mix?"

Me: "I have no idea.Should I have them go back to work? I mean the guy won $14 million dollars..."

MA: "What is your favorite kind of Necco Wafer?"

Me:"Uh...well..the purple ones..now about the next chapter...."

MA: "Gah. I hate apricots in the trail mix..."

Me:"Yeah. A crying shame. How should Maggie react in the next chapter.."

MA: "Yogurt covered pretzels are good too."

I was about to yell Chicka, chicka, chickabee to the NELL of the American Southwest. But we eventually figured out a few things with the book.

Back to typing...

Thursday, November 18, 2004

A Tail of Two Bunnies...

I haven't had the chance to do any writing for my NanoWriMo project tonight. I've been busy chaperoning Greyton. His bunny hormones are still running rampant and any chance he gets he's trying to give some loving to his buddy Twizzle.
Greyton's latest hobby.Looking for Twiz's tail.He is the best of hares. He is the worst of hares.

So all night I've had to seperate them. Sometimes they would be fine and give each other space.They did this for like two hours. Then suddenly out of nowhere Greyton will run after Twiz and *bang*zoom* I have the Dirk Diggler of rabbits in my kitchen.

Greyton is all over poor Twizzle . I broke it up a second later.Greyton announced he was running for Governor of New Jersey.

Twizzle is fighting back though and giving Greyton butt bites. Oh wait a minute..I wonder if that IS fighting back? zoinks! But He's been chasing Greyton away when he wants to be extra friendly or pick out wallpaper samples together.

Twizzle just chillin' out.

And Who started Greyton on his lustful ways??? "Not Me!" says little Lolita Miss Baxter. Here she is seducing another with her wanton ways.

You've been watching another episode of "The Bun and the Restless".

Wednesday, November 17, 2004

Don't Pray with Your Food...

I read on Cnn.com this morning about the lady selling the Grilled Cheese sandwich on Ebay that has the face of the Virgin Mary on it. After initially removing the auction, Ebay changed its mind and now bidding has reached over $16,000.

For my blog friend Sock-girlie I found this entryI had no idea Tim could cook.

Now since we here at Blog of Pratt love to find ways to jump on the bandwagon, I decided that perhaps with the special Thanksgiving Platter that my workplace cafeteria was offering could yield some holy visions and more moolah for me.

Here it is...my lunch: Turkey , cornbread stuffing, some sweet potatoes oozing with marshmellow topping.

Surely there must be a relic for the devout in there.
I look at the texture of the turkey first..Hmmm I see a slight likeness of St. Augustine of Hippo..or maybe it's just a little dry. The gravy has pooled nicely running from the mountain of stuffing (Mt. Ararat?)onto the slabs of Turkey.

I think I have spotted St. Francis of Assisi hiding out in the candied yams.


Look there's Pope Innocent VIII next to St. Jerome in the green bean casserole!
St. Bernadette of Lourdes is clearly visible in the cranberry sauce. Catherine of Siena is appearing in the skin of the pumpkin pie.

Mrs. Pratt called while I was writing this. I explained to her what I was doing.

"Why can't you eat your lunch like normal people?"

Persecuted again. I have to run now. Thomas Aquinas is showing up for Brandy and Cigars.

Desperate HouseRabbits...

My house is definitely turning into Wisteria Lane. The hormones of my little bunny boys is starting to spike. Little Baxter has become the Eva Longoria of the lagomorph set.

Last night I was doing some cleaning upstairs and had the babygate down. I thought Greyton and Twizzle were downstairs eating their salads. I turn around to see both of them sniffing around Baxter's territory. They had all the intensity of crazed shoppers at a sale at Bloomingdales. Threy were chinning everything. By chinning, I mean that rabbits have scent glands under their chin so "communicate" by marking stuff that way. Baxter was jumpy in her cage of these two Romeos nosing her stuff.

Then the aggression broke out. Greyton and Twizzle were circling each other warily like Kirk and Spock fighting for T'Pring in "Amok Time" The Star Trek fight music was in my head.

Neutral corners were taken after we broke them up. Twizzle went into his pen for the evening. This morning I'm about to leave for work and I hear a ruckus in the powder room off the living room. Every day Greyton and Twizzle just sit in there and take naps. I walk in and Greyton is mounting Twizzle and going to town. Suddenly it's OZ in my bathroom.

I'm shocked becuase Greyton has been the biggest loaf for the last six years and the most energy he has exerted is just to pull his pellet bowl closer to him.

I try to make sense of it..Ok it's Wednesday also known as Hump Day but great googly moogly!! Now Greyton and Twizzle are both fixed but I guess Baxter's presence has activated their hormones.

I pulled Greyton off of Twizzle and put him in the kichen. Greyton ran full speed back to the powder room then mounted Twizlle from the front.

I had had enough of Bunny Sutra. Greyton was picked up and put in his cage for today. I haven't had to punish him like that in at least five years (The last time was when he dug a nice hole in the living room carpet)

Twizzle was very perplexed by the situation. I gave him an extra carrot to keep his mind off of his buddy with a Hef Complex.

Greyton is sulking in his cage. I won't even let him listen to the Kylie Minoque cd's he's been asking for. Stay tuned for another episode of "Hares Gone Wild".


Ok...the city of Philadelphia is having a hissy fit over the opening skit before Monday Night Football when our Philadelphia Eagles stomped the Dallas Cowboys.Spoofing the ABC hit "Desperate Housewives" ,star player
Terrell Owens was confronted in the locker room by Nicolette Sheridan in a towel who was urging him to skip the game and play with her. She drops the towel and jumps in his arms. Cut to Teri Hatcher and Felicity Huffman complaing about trash on tv..they then say "Are you ready for some football?" This is front page news in the Philly papers.FRONT PAGE. The pundits are going off..The shock, the outrage, why not since Janet Jackson blah blah blah...there is much hand wringing and brow wiping.

Monday Night Football always do these little filmed vingnettes with celebrities. Even Pres. Clinton did one while in office..hmmm bad example...well anyway honestly , IT's not a big deal in my opinion. Maybe in Alabama several strokes were had but this has not caused the downfall of civilization as we know it.

But still..Nicolette Sheridan in a towel...do you know how many hits I get on this page just for typing that? Bazillions.

Oh and note to Bozoette..next week The Eagles will stomp the Redskins.

Tuesday, November 16, 2004

Blog of Pratt Holiday CD...

Ok Blog of Pratt fans,

At Journalcon this year I gave out some cool Pratt-tunes CD swag and now for the holidays I'll be making a special Blog-a-holiday CD full of festive cheer with a Pratt twist. I promise absolutely no Christmas Shoes on there. But if you'd like one to stuff your stocking with this year either e-mail me your addy at Prattoons@yahoo.com or leave a note in the comments.
The elves have to get busy making them.


There's a hot budding romance in my household. Little Miss Baxter is being courted by Romeo Playa' Mr. Twizzle. Everyday he loiters around the babygate seperating the two of them and grooms himself. She looks at him in a "Isn't he just dreamy?" swoon. He runs and does leaps in front of her. She does the same to him. Actually when their noses meet he'll try to bite her for dominance. But they are growing an intense like for each other.

Last night I'm supervising those two and Twizzle runs up to the gate and does a big flop on his side in front of her. It was incredibly cute.He is officially "Twitterpated". Baxter still needs to be spayed in December. But in the Spring as these two get more comfortable with each other we can begin bonding them.

Greyton likes Baxter too.But being the elderly bunny not as ardent a suitor. Besides he still has a on again/off again relationship with Princess.

My house has more plot twists than a soap opera on Telemundo.

Monday, November 15, 2004

Classic Monday Bunday...

This week is one year since our old rabbit,Mr.Jay passed away due to old age. He was such a good bunny. Happy to see you everyday.One of the friendliest rabbits I have ever known. He was about the size of Jewel , but had minilop ears. We miss him.So this is a "Classic" Monday Bunday featuring our old friend.

Jay always played with his xmas hat.

His favorite spot was guarding the front door with his rabbit rug friend. Yes..we have a rabbit entrance rug.

We still miss you little man.

Sunday, November 14, 2004

The Pratt Pack...

Mrs. Pratt and I decided to spend our Saturday in Atlantic City. Some of the casino workers had been on strike for over a month, so we postponed any day trips there but all was settled last week, so the slots were calling us.

Before the trip though, I had to check in with my local NanoWriMo group at the Really Big Mall. The meeting time was supposed to be 1pm. Nobody showed up. Everyone in the group is writing scince fiction/fantasy whereas I'm writing a good old fashioned mystery. Maybe the elves got them. I wait for awhile, grabbing a cup of java and a cookie along with a new book by one of my favorite humorists Joe Queenan. It was almost two pm and finally another fellow writer showed up. We updated ourselves on the progress of our novels and then it was off to A.C.

We've been meaning to visit the newest casino in Atlantic City The Borgata. It was magnificent.This is definitely the future of Atlantic City. A younger more hipper place. We started with a nice dinner then decided to play some slots. Mrs. Pratt was having great luck at one machine. We were thirsty and needed a drink.

Now the Borgata Babes, as the cocktail waitresses are called, wear a designer outfit by Zac Posen.How to describe it? Well these make Hooters Girls look like they are wearing turtleneck sweaters. All Black ,very very short skirt and a plunging neckline That really catches your attention.
Speaking of getting caught.... We see a waitress and she walks over. This woman was blonde about 6 foot and um..er..well..ah....the plunging..and uh...It looked like Two bald guys wrestling.

Mrs. Pratt said "I'd like a Chardonnay.." Then she looks at me for my order.."Sir?.."

*stutter *blink blink*stammer* um..er..I was hyp-motized!

I blurt out.."WHITE ZIN!". Waitress walks away.

Mrs. Pratt looks at me and says, "Congratulations. You've remembered how to talk."

I'm laughing. She's bemused at me. "You lose points for ordering the girlie drink."

When the waitress returned I tried to keep my eyes on the slot machine lest I lapse into my stupor once more.

Oh well, I still had a good night after we dropped by the ShowBoat. I hit for $80 on a nickel slot machine. A nice way to end Saturday.

Today I've been working on my novel.I have over 20,000 words now. Some of the characters are going to Atlantic City so yesterday was a good day for research.I look forward to my next trip to the Borgata for future studies.

Friday, November 12, 2004

Turkey Lurking...

Thanksgiving is coming up and I'm just not looking forward to it. I just want to skip all the pressure put on people to make this such a joyous day which for me usually ends up with me stressed out and very depressed.

This year I think my dream of being left the hell alone will come true. Yes, I've had good Thanksgivings in the past. The last few years ...not so hot. Being around Mrs. Pratt's sister would give me the urge to turn the carving knife on myself.This is a big cause for my aversion to spending holidays with her or as I call it CranberryNacht.

However, due to a fortuitous turn of events , mainly me finally telling her to drop dead and never speak to me again, peace and calm may finally bring the serentiy of the hoiliday back for me.

Some of the horrible Thanksgiving moments I've endured included the time the screechy sister and Mrs. Pratt's brother, whom have never gotten along started a food fight at the Thanksgiving table. Yes..A food fight. With mashed potatoes thrown, plates overturned.Screaming.Crying.Doors slammed. They were both in their 20's. I was mortified. It was Norman Rockwell kicked in the nuts by Tennesse Williams.

There was the year that the mixer had broken while a dessert was being made. The sister didn't remove the parts of the broken mixer INSIDE the dessert. It was a Trifle.A tradition to eat due to Mrs. Pratt's mother being from Scotland. And so while enjoying a spoonful of sponge cake with gelatin, I discovered some screws and shards of metal. Nothing like a little shrapnel to top off your Thanksgiving feast.

The most horrendous Thanksgiving was "The Great Yam Fire of '96". Now I always like to have some sweet potatoes with Thanksgiving. Especially with marshmellow dripping over them. I'm a big yam fan.

Mrs. Pratt and SisZilla were cooking dinner. Some cookware was provided to cook the candied yams. I think it was something decorative picked up at a yard sale.It wasn't oven-proof. The dish broke in the oven.The apartment we lived in then quickly filled with smoke. The oven was opened and flames shot out. The sister had all the composure of Daffy Duck on speed. Her screaming reached such a high level of decibels that only dogs could hear her. Oh the humanity!

Before any major damage could be done, the conflagration was extinguished. The whole room was smokier than a Cheech and Chong movie. That was the last year Lucy and Ethel cooked Thanksgiving dinner.

Since "The Great Yam Fire of '96" the day is usually spent at a restaurant where usually the sister's loud braying laugh would ruin my meal and gain the stinkeye from other diners.

This yearly stress has taken a toll on Mrs. Pratt too. She is finally fed up with dealing with another rendition of "Green Bean Casserole Drama Theater". We are pulling a Garbo this year. Ve Vant to be alone.

So This Thanksgiving, in peace and quiet , with the shades drawn and doors locked, I'll eat my pumpkin pie in peace.

Thursday, November 11, 2004

Breakfast of Champions...

I was half asleep this morning and before I jumped in the shower or had any coffee I decided to make myself a bowl of cereal. Of course I passed out the morning breakfast carrots to the rabbits. I'm not a savage.

My cereal bowl full of Special K. yes..special K..I 'm sorry to disappoint my fans that I don't scarf down Crunchberries in the morning. I reach into the fridge for some milk.

Mrs. Pratt has been on a big all-natural milk kick for the last few months. When I go shopping I know I have to get the special "Natural Grass-feed Fat free Milk". I knew we were getting low on the supply and she mentioned she picked some up the other day.

Sleepily, I reach for what I think is the new container. I pour it on my cereal. I put the spoonful in my mouth. Oh dear.

"BLLLLLLFFFFTTTPPPFFFTT"- or however you spell the sound of me gagging.

I look at the container. That's right folks, Mr. Genius had doused his nurtitious cereal with VANILLA CHAI TEA WITH SOY PROTEIN.

Breakfast ruined I drove to work, my travel mug fell over on a turn and now my floor mats smell Mountain grown.

Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Terminal CARe...

Last night , Mrs. Pratt was running a few errands. I had logged on the computer- and then went downstairs to make myself something to eat. I thought I heard my cellphone ring, and sure enough there were 7 messages from her.

"Come pick me up. Jerry died."

Jerry is what Mrs. Pratt has named her car. It's a '94 Black Camaro with a 'Touch of Grey' interior (Thus the nickname from my deadhead wife)Jerry has 126,000 miles on him.
Lately, I've been wanting to change his name to Arafat, what with his tempermental starts and stops but last night Jerry decided to have all the animation of Al Gore.

Our friend the mechanic was towing ol' Jerry to his shop and I await word on his fate. Prattmobile seemed a little lonely in the driveway with out his buddy.

***UPDATE*** Arafat...I mean Jerry is ok. It was his alternator.But our mechanic friend fixed it and he is coming home tonight. Mrs. Pratt will play "Long May You Run" by Neil Young for him.

Tuesday, November 09, 2004

Holiday Spirits...all bad.

Either giant topiary reindeer are stalking my nearby mall or I had waaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too much to drink today.

It's earlier every year. The Christmas decorations that bloom, especially once Halloween is over and done with. Now I remember Hallmark stores were brazenly putting their holiday ornaments out on display just after Labor Day, but in this "squeeze every ounce of Yuletide joy" environment the malls are in full festive mode. Santa is arriving at the Really Big Mall on Nov.13th. Nov. 13th????

"Oh, Ebenezer Pratt put a sock in it.." you are saying to yourself. I just hate to get so shellshocked with the Xmas stuff so early. I'm frosty on Frosty right now. Can't we focus on Pumpkin Pie and Stuffing for a few moments?

Mrs. Pratt and I were mulling over dragging out the Christmas decorations the day after Thanksgiving. How about we postpone it until mid -December. Neither of us are really enthused for the holiday hype that will hit a fever pitch in the next few weeks.

By next week, one of the local radio stations gets into the act by playing Christmas music 24/7. Now closer to Dec.25th I'll maybe listen to it. But I have to do my best to avoid the thing I fear most at Christmas time. It's scarier than The Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come. This is what this rant is really all about...

It's a song."The Christmas Shoes" by Leonard Ahlstrom and Eddie Carswell. I've always equated country music as what you get when you mix bad poetry +bad music. The Christmas Shoes doesn't fail to fit that equation.This song is a treacly tale of a poor little boy who doesn't have the money to buy some nice pumps for his dead Ma who has to go see Jesus. It's a Wal- Mart shopping trip mixed with Touched By an Angel...and well Six Feet Under I guess.

Ah nothing says the spirit of the season than an ode to cadaver footwear.With an easy listening beat too! Thanks to this little boy looking to fit mom with sporty casket keds the singer says he learns the true meaning of Christmas. I'm sure this is a big hit in the Red States but it makes me want to reach for the nearest pair of shoes to smash the radio with.

So like Jacob Marley, I'm warning you...avoid the song "The Christmas Shoes".Your ears will thank me and as well as your digestive tract which will be a wreck if you have to endure listening to it.

Bah Humbug.

Monday, November 08, 2004

Monday Bunday...

Baby Baxter on the loose!

Yummy..Pratt's sneakers!

Say..uh...you didn't notice any holes in the floor did ya?

When Twizzle met pellets...

Sunday, November 07, 2004

Carpet Muncher...

Today Mrs. Pratt and I totally gave the house a good cleaning. Trying to vaccum the rugs with bunnies about meets with different reactions from them. Twizzle and Baxter upon hearing the noise, will run away and hide. Princess, has grown to tolerate its presence but will flee under the bed when it approaches.

Greyton on the other hand. Okay, it's almost like a Jerry Springer confession but "My Rabbit is in Love with the Vaccum Cleaner." There I've said it. Greyton absolutely loves it when Hoover comes out and follows it around.Greyton loves to keep cool with his heavy coat. So when the vaccum comes by with the rush of air, he pursues it. Yes, He's a total weirdo.

Exhibit A...Greyton looks like he just discovered he married Britney in Vegas.

When it's idle Greyton will sit near it and lick it. If Hoover is in a corner Greyton will sit next to it. Some times I catch Greyton looking at the Sears circulars and the new deluxe zaftig models.

Well,enough about the rabbit version of a Kinsey case study. Today I discovered that little Baxter,cute as a button, the widdle-iddy biddy wabbit of fluffiness can be just a little ball of evil. No, she did not get at the mouse cord again. Instead she started a career in excavation that began with the floor of my study.

Exhibit B....The work of Devil Bunny.

Most amusingly, when I caught her in mid-dig she ran to me with an excited "Look what I did!" romp in her step. She's grounded. No allowance for her. No Ramones cd's for her. Gabba Gabba Hare.

Grounded...but not really she's just chilling out in there..who can stay mad at Baxter??

I do know it's natural for rabbits to dig. It's instinct for them to burrow. The trick for the modern rabbit owner is to give her places to dig that don't go down to the bare floors.I got an old box and filled it with hay. She likes that. Bunny proofing the house is a full time job here.

The closets have the same carpets in them so a little out of there will patch up the Crater baby-faced Baxter made.

She must be posessed by the spirit of our dearly departed Feather, because she was also fond of burrowing.

The other three tend to have their own quirky habits, Greyton has his appliance lust, Twizzle is good at carrot thievery from a slow-eating Greyton. Princess will flop on her side on command in exchange for petting and treats.

It's a wascally world I live in.

Friday, November 05, 2004

Bedtime for Dickens...

My NanoWriMo project seems to be going well. I have a basic idea of a plot and where it 's going. It's been encouraging getting feedback from friends. One slight problem though...

Place: Pratt's study. Pratt is writing feverishly either longhand or in Word. He just had a creative jolt and is on a roll with a chapter.

Mrs Pratt: "It's 11 and getting late. Why don't you come to bed."

Me: "I'm trying to finish this chapter. I'm doing well with this plot."

Mrs. Pratt: "You can do that tomorrow.Let's go to sleep. You haven't been getting much sleep lately.I worry about you."

Me: "I'm not tired. Really... I want to finish this. Did Mrs. Dickens tell her husband to knock off the scribbling and come to bed?"

Mrs. Pratt: "You aren't Dickens."

She was right. If my head got any bigger it would be a balloon in the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade.

And so it goes. The eternal clash of the muse of creativity and the not amused.

Thursday, November 04, 2004

New and Improved...

I have a new banner and some link buttons you can use for my site.They were created using my artwork by my friend Carrie at IndigoBlue Creations. I will also be doing a Blog of Pratt store at Cafe Press soon,just in case anyone is in dire need of a Blog of Pratt t-shirt, coffee mug, etc.

Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Damn Yankees...

My friend Granola Girl was upset about the Election results.

GG: "I can;t believe Kerry lost. I'm so upset."

Me:"At least he won Pennsylvania."

GG: "So what? Should we secede from the union or something?"

Then one of my students who hails from Atlanta Georgia spoke up.

Georgia Girl:"Hey y'all..we tried that once. It didn't quite work out too well."

Fiddle dee dee.

20 Questions...

Ok the Election is over. Kerry conceded . Bush wins..now 20 Questions...

1. Did Michael Moore's head explode?

2. Does this mean Barbra Streisand will be Extra-Cranky on the "Meet the Fockers" press tour?

3. Hillary Clinton front runner for the Dems. in 2008?

4. John McCain or Rudy Guiliani for the Republicans in 2008?

5. Will Chris Heinz continue to hog airtime on Access Hollywood( I voted for Kerry but geez his stepson is a TOOL!)

6. Can the phrase Security Mom and Soccer Mom be retired until VH1 does a special on "I love the 00's?"

7. Will someone please take a swing at that smug prick Tucker Carlson?

8. Will Jenna Bush NOT wear neon green shoes with a grey outfit anymore? Mrs. Pratt was more upset last night about that then all the states turning red.

9. Will Nick Clooney return to hosting duties on Turner Classic Movies?

10. Will Ralph Nader return to hosting duties at Denny's?

11. Will Supreme Court Justices be replaced in the next four years?

12. Will any of them be replaced by Judge Judy?

13. Will Dick Cheney's daughter court Vanessa Kerry in her current state of vulnerability?

14. Ok P. Diddy voted now. Is he gunning for those who didn't?

15. Will Arnold Please please please give Maria Shriver a sandwich.Eat something woman!

16. Will Barak Obama one day be speaking in the Senate then suddenly blurt out "I am Worf . Son of Moag!"

17. When O'Reilly gloats to Al Franken on the air will Al tell him to drop dead and go have phone sex?

18. Will Mary Kate Olsen go back to college? I mean you guys it's way past mid-terms now and she's like missed sooooo many classes..and omigod that term paper was due so last week.

19. Will Dick Cheney continue to run his schemes for world domination with the evil machinations of the puppetmaster that he is from his undisclosed location?Bwahahahahahaha!(Creepy organ music plays...Lightning flashes)

20. What do you want for Christmas?

Spin City...

Meanwhile...In Gotham City....

It's a Big W I'm telling ya! A Big W!

Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Ballot Ballet...

Mrs. Pratt and I leapt out of bed at 6am to go do our civic duty and vote today. Ok well first the alarm clock went off at 6am. The snooze bar was smacked a few times.I muttered something about democratic process and ingested a gallon of coffee. Polls opened at 7am in Pennsylvania. We were up and out the door by 7:15.

Our local polling place is just up the street from the Prattcave. I successfully dodged the door loiterers who whip their leaflets at you in a vain hope that if you are still undecided you will be persuaded by their last ditch effort for their party.

It was quite crowded with the vote before work crowd. By 7:50 we got to the front of the line and were sent in to form smaller lines- say our name and sign the registration books.

The women running the registration process had the median age of 95. Just our luck an old friend of the sign-in lady was two people in front of us. Talk of grandchildren, and mutual health started to drone on. I suppressed my urge to leap over the table and slap Eleanor Roosevelt silly since now the line snaked down the hall to be over 200 people.

All signed in (I was #148) an even older woman who I'm convinced still had her "Tippecanoe and Tyler Too" campaign button on directed me to the voting booth.

No hanging chads here. It was electronic and easy. Our way out of the building even more people were lined up. I'm glad to see such a big crowd.

Later I was reading the Philadelphia Inquirer, they had an article on unique polling places such as a hair salon, fire department, funeral home and the one I wish I was at is at a local Krispy Kreme franchise. Donuts and democracy.mmmmm donuts.

Now tonight I'm sure I'll be watching NBC's coverage of Election results. Mainly because they have chosen to rename Rockefeller Plaza "Democracy Plaza". It's been popping up on all NBC and MSNBC shows..I got a kick out of flipping by Telemundo and hearing the news anchors call it "LA PLAZA DEMOCRACIA!" (You have to say it in a Ricardo Montalban "Wrath of Khan" extended accent to get the full effect.)

Viva for Voting.

Monday, November 01, 2004

The Novel of Pratt

NaNoWriMo has begun and my first chapter is done. To read my little tale I'm trying to do(Once again NanowriMo is a contest to see if you can write 50,000 words in a month basically creating from scratch a novel flying by the seat of your typing pants.)
I've settled on a plot that's a little mystery and comedy. To read it either go to my links to the right of the page and see Pratt's NaNoWriMo Project or hit this link The Novel of Pratt my other blog which will have daily chapter updates.

Now I know it may suck canal water...but it's fun trying.

Monday Bunday

Greyton and Twizzle go into business.

Big bunny belly up to the bar.

Breakfast with Baxter.