Saturday, December 31, 2005

I hope everyone has a safe and Happy New Year.

Friday, December 30, 2005

Last Call for Alcohol...

As the New Year's Eve celebrations are about to begin, let's talk about alcohol. Now in the last post where I mentioned with nostalgic flair the heady goodness of Boone's Farm wine and sundry beer, I figured that for those of you who drink you must have one story or incident where you uttered the words everyone who has ever been drunk has said:

"I'll Never drink again."

Usually that oath is said while hovering over a toilet bowl,or an open car moon roof if you are Spaulding Smails. Then it is followed by a hangover that feels like King Kong is tap dancing on your skull. Either the Peter Jackson one or the original 1933 version.

First, I am urging you all to drink responsibly if you do imbibe tomorrow night. Now then, if you would like, in the comments tell me tales from your tipsy past:

What was the occasion for the drinking?
My 21st birthday was a good occasion for me. I was planning on just drinking beer, but if a stripper requests you do tequila shots off her breasts...well a man's gotta do what a man's gotta do. But that's a story for another time.

What did you drink?
Again, Tequila leads to all kinds of trouble. I remember one comedian who described it as "the drink that should come with bail money." Second place for me is raspberry kamikazes at Journalcons. They can be just as harsh.They seem like an innocent little drink but then before you know it any speech you may try to make will sound like you have marbles in your mouth.

Any odd behavior?
Not that I could recall. At bars I used to focus on drawing cartoons on bar napkins for girls. My scribblings combined with shooting fish in a barrel.

Wake up anywhere strange? I knew a group of people who put one buddy on a fishing boat in Long Island after he passed out. The guy woke up and found himself on the Atlantic. No it wasn't me. A prank was pulled on me where when I woke up from a party I was in the dorm room of a young lady. This girl, who was in on the joke, woke me up and said " were wonderful." I stuttered and stammered like Lou Costello.Then my friend burst in the room to mock me.The girl was his next door neighbor and they both enjoyed seeing me flustered. Good times.

And finally how long for the hangover to subside?A journalcon is three days long. It takes 4 days to recover.

Finally I leave you with a toast...because what is alcohol without a toast.

"Here's to those who wish us well,
And those that don't may go to hell."

Thursday, December 29, 2005

Bright eyed and bushy tailed.

Wednesday, December 28, 2005

All Night Skate! A Tale from the 1980's...

I was looking around my old record collection tonight. Yes, records kiddies... vinyl- what the dinosaurs used to do for music before IPODs, and came across a bunch of old 80's discs. New Year's Eve was on my mind. and upon thumbing through some of the 45's (Abracadabra by the Steve Miller band, We Got the Beat-The Go-Go's, Let it Whip- the Dazz Band, Don't You Want me- Human League,Centerfold- J Geils Band )I got a flashback.

You know the car commercial where you put your hand on the car and envision driving it? Well I got the same thing except in reverse. New Year's Eve 1982.Rockin'? Oh yes my friends. New Year's 1982- the night of the All Night Skate.

Currently a vacant lot in my hometown, there once stood the mighty Hamburg Roller Rink. And I was a DJ there. Roller skating was pretty much the only game in town in the wintry Buffalo suburbs. Before the internet , before most video games(ok Pong..maybe Atari),The roller rink was packed with 800- 1000 kids every Friday and Saturday night.

For New Year's it was planned that a big balloon drop would be done from the center of the floor. Also the rink would stay open all night long. What? teenagers out all night? That's crazy talk you say! But it was allowed to happen and the place was packed that night.

Although what was a 1000 kids at 7pm, It sure dwindled when the other entertainment for the evening appeared. Yes, I was dj-ing for awhile with some others but we had to stop playing the couple skates of "Open Arms" by Journey and "Keep on Loving You" by Reo Speedwagon , The Sugarhill Gang "boogie skate" mix and Tommy Tutone 's ode to Jenny for a live band.

I don't know if favors were owed, money exchanged hands, or someone lost a bet but there was a band booked to play in a makeshift stage set up at the far end of the roller rink. Early that afternoon I had caught their sound check. Nobody playing, just a roadie going Check-Checkone-Ch-Ch-Ch in the feedback driven mic. a band member's girlfriend was painting the band name on a sheet.And it looked soooooo badass.

The band went on. They called themselves Parousia- which I discovered meant the second coming of Christ.It was Christian Rock. Rough segue from "Give it To me Baby" by Rick James to "We are Paroooooooousia." TWAAAAAAAAANG.

If indeed it was the second coming, then J.C. would have listened for 5 minutes and kicked the drum kit in. They kept singing about being apostles but I never knew the apostles wore bad faux leather jackets and wore their hair like Paul Stanley of Kiss. Ok...maybe Judas. They tried hard but it was clear by audience reaction that another Christian tradition may be making a comeback- public stoning.

Parousia did a really good job of clearing the floor. I think there was a "soup kitchen during the Great Depression-like line at the pay phones(remember. this was before cell phones)with kids PLEADING to their parents to come pick them up.Talk about saving souls!

I wish I could recall Parousia's set list - I seem to recall that they did a knock off of Joan Jett's "I love Rock-n-Roll" and made it "I love Jesus Christ." In the words of Dr. Zachary Smith, "Oh the pain. The pain."

Another thing that happened that night was outside the rink some people were hanging around in the parking lot. And some went behind the adjacent Ames department store to drink.(In 1982 the teen age drink of choice was Genessee Creme Ale, something called "Red,White and Blue beer", and Boone's Farm.

Cops rolled up on two guys back there. It was John and Grant, who both happened to work at the rink. When asked their names they told the police officer, but he didn't believe the two. In fact he got really really angry.

I guess because Grant's last name was McMahon and his real first name was Edward. John's last name was Carson. They were almost thrown in the patrol car and taken down to the station because they said they were Johnny Carson and Ed McMahon.

Aside from that Parousia played their set and helped with the countdown. Woooooo 1983! I don't think they knew auld lang syne so a band member made guitar sounds on mic to the song. When one of the dj's said "Let's hear it for Parousia." cricket cricket cricket cricket.Ah another page of rock -n-roll history.

The Balloon drop worked but clumsy roller skaters would trip over them. Some kids flopped in sleeping bags in the practice skate areas, and they would wake up occasionally to skate around the rink. I seem to recall a night of smuggled-in beer in the dj booth, listening to that kick ass Asia album on big headphones. Awesome rad. I love the 80's. Happy Frickin' New Year. Drink up Shriner!

"This will be a couple skate... couples only on the floor please..." (Cue Leather and Lace -Stevie Nicks /Tom Petty and "Hard to Say i'm Sorry" by Chicago)

Monday, December 26, 2005

Monday Bunday

Twizzle and Greyton

Season's Greetings from Baxter.


Sunday, December 25, 2005

Hare-y Christmas.

Merry Christmas to all from Baxter.

Saturday, December 24, 2005

Blog of Pratt Christmas Quiz...

It's Christmas Eve and the the yuletide is upon us. So take the Blog of Pratt Christmas Quiz and make merry you're own way for the twenty-fifth of December.

1. Santa Claus has helpers make toys. They are known as ___.

A. Gnomes
B. Hobbits
C. Elves
D. Wal-Mart

2.What are the ingredients for a fruitcake?___.

A. Flour, sugar, butter,nutmeg,bourbon, green raisins.
B. Well, let's just say hot dogs are made of healthier material.
C. I could tell you the answer but I'm sworn to secrecy.
D. Jump on Oprah's couch, rebuke Matt Lauer, buy a sonogram machine.

3. Who is a recurring haunting presence every Christmas Eve?___.

A. Clarence the Angel
B. Jacob Marley
C. Ghost of Christmas Past
D. Mistletoe Rash

4. What Holiday tradition do you look forward to___.

A. Shopping and exchanging presents.
B. Baking cookies and holiday meals.
C. Singing Carols and attending church.
D. Sneaking Star Wars action figures in the Nativity scene (Courtesy of Clive Young!)

5. Why was there no room at the Inn?___.

A. Sheperd convention.
B. Undergoing renovations for upcoming Hilton merger.
C. Really really hard to make reservations in 4 B.C.
D. Sure they give you towels and robes, but swaddling clothes? Forget it.

6. Which one is the name of one of Santa's reindeer?___.

A. Petrouchka
B. Blitzen
C. Regis
D. T.O.

7. You awake in the middle of the night and see Santa standing before you . What do you say to him?___.

A. "Merry Christmas!"
B. "Have I been naughty or nice?"
C. "Have some cookies!"
D. "Close your robe!"

8. Christmas Carolers show up at your door. What do you do?___.

A. Don't open the door until "Good King Wenceslas" is sung.
B. Share some hot cocoa and cookies with them in appreciation.
C. Shout out "Freebird!" as a request.
D. Turn the hose on them.

9. Which store do you hope to get a Gift Card from?___.

A. Macy's
B. Target
C. Hot Topic
D. Toys in Babeland

10. What's your New Year's Resolution?___.

A. Lose weight, quit smoking and /or drinking.
B. Be kinder to others.
C. Find a new job.
D. Read the Blog of Pratt daily.

Wishing all my friends a very Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, and Kwanzaa, and Festivus for the rest of us.

Thursday, December 22, 2005

Run, Run Rudolph

True story. A friend was at the post office yesterday mailing packages. He needed some other stamps besides the regular 37 cent ones.

Postal worker:"Do you want Washington or Rudolph?"

My friend, thinking about the spirit of the holidays said, "Oh definitely, Rudolph!"

He was given several Wilma Rudolph commemorative stamps.

Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Poem returns...

For any new readers...I posted this story and art last year. It's the Pratt Bunny version of Twas the Night Before Christmas.

Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Top 12 Ways to get Around New York City During The Transit Strike...

New York City is enduring its first transit strike in 25 years. How are plucky New Yorkers getting to and fro?

The Blog of Pratt has the Top 12 ways to Get Around New York City During the Transit Strike.

12. Break out the Segways!

11. Have Giant Ape on Empire State Building give you a hand.

10. Napolean Dynamite will pull you into town on his bike. Sweet!

9. Enter Wardrobe- take Lincoln Tunnel by way of Narnia.

8. Fill up your webshooter and swing across midtown like you always do.

7. What? Even the Polar Express is out? Damn!

6. Stars of "Lost" willing to drive you...on second thought...

5. With a good sail that hot dog cart makes a "yar" craft.

4. If stranded in city- take refuge from cold weather in Scores.

3. Fly over city in old Macy's parade balloon. Watch out for lamppost.

2. Dig canoe out of Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree-float up East River.

1. Don't worry, there's a dude with a reindeer-pulled sleigh coming along in a few days.

Stocking Stuffed...

Santa arrived early for certain members of the household.

Happy Birthday Twizzle...

Today is 2 years since we adopted Twizzle from the House Rabbit Society. He has become Greyton's best friend. He has really come into his own though with his own personality. A little timid at times but happy and confident around us. He loves petting and an extra carrot. So Happy Birthday Twizzle!

Relaxed rabbit.

The ever-popular Mr. Twizzle.

Birthday Boy

Monday, December 19, 2005

Monday Bunday

Baxter gets her excuses ready for St. Nick.

Twizzle and Greyton extra snuggly.

Greyton says "It's good to be the King."

"And that big hole in the bedroom carpet? Um...somebunny else..."

Saturday, December 17, 2005

A Visit from St. Nicholas...

Every year before Christmas, the local volunteer fire department rides down the streets of the neighborhood with Santa waving to everyone from the top of the fire truck. They have Christmas music and sirens blaring and the other fire personnel handing out candy canes. A nice tradition.
Yo Kringle!

Thursday, December 15, 2005

Ho Ho Hare...

Greyton gets festive.

Monday, December 12, 2005

Monday Bunday

Twizzle and Greyton-all snuggly today.

Now that Princess Jewel has passed on, Baxter has entry into more expanded territory. Here she is warily looking into the new world.

Baxter checks out the paint job.

Twizzle and Greyton-cheek to cheek.

Sunday, December 11, 2005

Bright Lights Big City Hall...

Philadelphia's City Hall is using a unique system to light up it's facade for the holiday season.

Mrs. Pratt went into the city to meet up with a fellow blogger and flickr friend on Saturday and she got these photos. I stayed home due to the cold.

Friday, December 09, 2005

Top 12 Paris Hilton Holiday Decorations...

A man in Cranston, Rhode Island has decided to decorate his home for Christmas with giant photos of Paris Hilton and Tinkerbell. Neighbors are dismayed to put it mildly.

The Blog of Pratt has uncovered the Top 12 things to see in the Paris Hilton holiday decoration display...

12. Red Carpet on Nativity scene.

11. Carrot nose on snowman vibrates.

10. Tinkerbell with antlers.

9. Deep throated candy canes.

8. Video montage on Paris unwrapping gifts,decorating a tree, and doing reverse cowgirl.

7. Music playing throughout display includes "Carol of the Skank".

6. Boyfriend of the week Stavros crashing Santa's sleigh with a coat over his head.

5. Paris and the First Noel-someone she picked up in a club.

4. Three Wise Man are running from paparazzi.

3. Paris attempts internship at Santa's Workshop.

2. Mistletoe thong.

1. Gold, Frankincense,Chlamydia.

Monday, December 05, 2005

Monday Bunday

Greyton says hello.

Twizzle flopped out under the rocking chair.


In loving memory of Princess Jewel.

Saturday, December 03, 2005

Watt the Hell?...

Welcome to one of the most god-awfully decorated houses in my town. Or as a friend once said, "The House Christmas Threw Up On."

Forget Jack Frost. Jack Daniels must be nipping at your nose if you think this isn't over the top.

It's the tack- tack -tackiest time of the year!

Friday, December 02, 2005

Happy Holidays Meme...

Year of the first Christmas you can remember- 1969

An early Christmas memory? I was at my grandmother's house and Santa Claus came to visit.

Ever in a holiday play? When? Yes.6th grade.

Did you play a role? What was it? Shepherd #3. I rocked.

Favorite holiday ornament (Past and present)Past: My parents had a glass Snoopy and Charlie Brown. Present: Hand painted portrait of old Jay Bunny.

Decoration you dread seeing every year: Pointsettias.HATE THEM.

Classic Christmas song you never get tired of: Silent Night

Classic Christmas song you loathe: Do You Hear What I Hear

Modern Christmas song you never get tired of:"Christmas Wrapping" by the Waitresses

Modern Christmas song you loathe: "The Christmas Shoes"

Naughty or Nice? I prefer Naughty.

If you have a Christmas tree, real or artificial? Artificial.Rabbits would gnaw on a real one.

Any holiday traditions unique to your family you'd like to share? On midnight on Christmas Eve I always check to see if the animals in the house talk.

If you were an elf what would your elf name be?-Elfvis.

Favorite Christmas Movie:"It's a Wonderful Life"

Best Scrooge Ever: Alistar Sim (1951)

Favorite Christmas Special: "Rudolph the Red-nose Reindeer" (1964)

Favorite Misfit Toy: Charlie in the Box

Have you ever re-gifted? Yes

Do you still rush out and shop on the 24th? Sometimes. Usually stocking stuffers.

Can you wrap presents well? It's a disaster when I do it.

What's one thing you know will always be in your Christmas stocking?Candy

Best Christmas present ever? Twizzle (Dec.20th 2003!)

Spill a holiday secret- my mother would buy a fruitcake and nobody liked my sister and I would take turns cutting off pieces and putting it in the garbage disposal. However, this made her think we loved it every year and so another would be bought. gah.

Started on your Christmas Cards yet? This weekend I am.

Do you bake Christmas cookies? I may try this year.GULP.

You find yourself under the mistletoe with Pratt. What do you do?

Do you leave cookies out for Santa? Yes. And carrots for the reindeer. The carrots are always gone!

Can I refill your egg nog?

Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Thank You...

You all have been so wonderful writing such nice things about Princess. I want you to know that it is really comforting to me. I spent yesterday afternoon cleaning up our bedroom. All of her blankets picked up and washed. Her pellet bowl and water dish emptied. I gave Greyton her hay basket - he sat near it most of the afternoon. Twizzle got her willow hay ball we had just got from Busy Bunny. Her little green house she would spend days in was bequeathed to Baxter. She hasn't gone in it yet, but I'm sure she will make it a favorite place to nap as Princess did,and Feather before her.

I was in bed and asleep by 10. just emotionally and physically drained.The room was quiet I would look over the side of the bed to where she usually was and I see nothing now. It hurts.

The pain will subside, I know. My heart tells me I did the very best with her and she enjoyed her life. I'm lucky I had such a wonderful friend.

And you, who some I know personally, but most electronically thank you for the words that help me heal.

Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Princess Jewel

Princess Jewel passed away at 7:10am.

We both knew it was her last day. From the time I got home last night, I didn't leave her side. Her breathing was slowing,it was all coming to an end.I talked to her all night,petted her and told her about how special she was through the years. How much she was loved. She died in my arms peacefully after 7am.

Each one of our bunnies had a chance to say goodbye to her. Rabbit behaviorists say that's a good thing for them. We brought her to them. Baxter and Twizzle stayed a respectful distance, but were quiet and knew something had happened. Greyton,gentleman rabbit that he is, hopped over to her and sat next to her for about 3 minutes.He knew. He gave her a gentle nudge then hopped off and sat in the corner by himself for awhile. He had said goodbye.

She had lived as full a bunny life as one could hope for.Just over 10 years. It was in 1997 when looking for a companion to our first rabbit, Austin, he was paired at the House Rabbit Society shelter with Jewel. She had this bossy attitude that kept Austin in line. We were so taken with her beautiful blue eyes and soft coat.

The first few days at our house she beat up Austin something fierce. I was so ready to give her back to the shelter. But then Jewel did something that changed my mind.
She would do this little digging motion then flop over on her side-looking for petting. It's a true sign of contentment and trust for a rabbit to do that, and over the years I got her trained with treats to do "the floppy" on command.

We knew right away from her attitude and territorial personality that she should be called Princess. She took to the name right away and absolutely adored being the center of attention. We always had trouble bonding her with the other bunnies due to her jealous streak. But once we recognized her as "royalty" she was so good and never got into trouble. Her previous owners abandoned her due to excessive chewing, but we soon gave her hay baskets and she was content to spend the day eating them.She was always wonderful about her food and hay, and until this summer when her arthritis problems started her downward turn she was never ill.

Besides doing the "floppy" for me, I loved our reading time together. I would lay down on the bed wth a book and put her up there with me. Read read read- pet pet pet. She just loved spending time with me. At night, she slept in a nest of blankets on the floor of my side of the bed. If I ever woke up in the middle of the night I would reach down and pet her. She would make her little clicking noises.She was loved.

Always excited about fresh carrot-tops and Cheerios. Always the lady of the household. Always the Princess.

My heart is broken today, as I said goodbye to her, as I clean up her room for the final time. The memories of this special rabbit will never be forgotten by us.

And then I think about the Rainbow Bridge:

There is a bridge connecting heaven and Earth. It is called the Rainbow Bridge because of its many colors. Just this side of the Rainbow Bridge there is a land of meadows, hills, and valleys with lush green grass.

When a beloved pet dies, the pet goes to this place. There is always food and water and warm spring weather. The old and frail animals are young again. Those who are maimed are made whole again. They play all day with each other.

There is only one thing missing. They are not with their special person who loved them on Earth. So, each day they run and play until the day comes when one suddenly stops playing and looks up. The nose twitches. The ears are up. The eyes are staring. And this one suddenly runs from the group.

You have been seen, and when you and your special friend meet, you take him or her in your arms and embrace. Your face is kissed again and again and you look once more into the eyes of your trusting pet.

Then you cross the Rainbow Bridge together, never again to be separated.

In memory of all loving pets and their special friends...

Thank you all for your good thoughts and nice comments.

Monday, November 28, 2005

Monday Bunday

Princess Jewel resting comfortably on blankets. She did manage to eat a little today and took her evening meds.

Aerial view of Greyton and Twizzle.

Greyton looking dubious as I'm near his salad.

Baxter and her telephone.

Sunday, November 27, 2005

Greyton and Twizzle in a big heap.

A Quiet Day...

I'm not having a good day. Over the weekend Princess Jewel has gone downhill quite quickly. She has gradually stopped eating.She's had a little water but not really interested. Her back legs have seem to have given out on her.She can't really walk or stand on her own power. I think her advanced old age is now bringing her to her last days.

Today,I have her comfortable in a nice nest of blankets. Her favorite ones. I put on a George Winston piano cd because through the years she always would relax and fall asleep to the soft music.

I'm hoping that she will drift off to sleep and go peacefully. I hate to see her suffer and perhaps she will have to go to the vet to let her rest.

So it's a quiet day around here.I'm very sad. She has been a companion to us for 8 years. It will be hard saying goodbye.

Thursday, November 24, 2005

Thanks in Old Age

From Walt Whitman's "Leaves of Grass" First Annex: Sands at Seventy

Thanks in Old Age

Thanks in old age- thanks ere I go,
For health, the midday sun,the impalpable air-for life, mere life,
For precious ever-lingering memories, (of you my mother dear-
you, father-you, brothers ,sisters,friends,)
For all my days-not those of peace alone-the days of war
the same,
For gentle words,caresses, gifts from foreign lands,
For shelter,wine and meat-for sweet appreciation,
(You distant,dim unknown-or young or old-countless,
unspecified, readers belov'd,
We never met, and ne'er shall meet-and yet our souls
embrace, long, close and long;)
For beings, groups, love, deeds, words, books-for colors,
For all the brave strong men-devoted hardy men-who've
forward sprung in freedom's help,all years, all lands,
For braver,stronger, more devoted men-(a special laurel ere
I go, to life's war's chosen ones,
The cannoneers of song and thought-the great artillerists-the
fore most leaders, captains of the soul:)
As soldier from an ended war return'd-As traveler out of
myriads, to the long procession retrospective,
Thanks-joyful thanks!-a soldier's, traveler's thanks.

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Greyton Impossible...

I have no idea whether it was a full moon, the planets aligned just so, or he got his issue of "Fluffy Bunny" monthly but Greyton was a bun with a mission late last night.

And that mission was to hump the heck out of Twizzle.

It started around 11:30. I was ready to go to bed after dealing with my computer problems all evening. A good night's sleep was just what I needed. But as I started drifting off I heard Greyton in the upstairs hallway. He was making his little grunting noises. Rabbits can be vocal and he makes this noise which sounds like a combination grunt and whimper. He usually makes that sound when very happy.

I look into the hallway and he's mounted Twizzle in the usual style- from the front.Oh Lord. It's Bunny facefuckfest.

Baxter was watching this whole scene in front of her and eventually got bored and ran off to her bed. Greyton usually hangs out with Baxter by her gate and I think just got a good whiff of her scent that sent him into orbit. It's shocking to see him so active because he is almost 9 years old and usually is a big loaf around the house.

After prying Greyton off Twizzle's head, Twizzle ran downstairs and Greyton followed in hot pursuit. I heard chasing and running.And the happy noise. I went downstairs to break it up.

Usually Greyton gets in his "Mood" then settles down after a few minutes.Oh no - not tonight. He was in full blown 'Hef' mode. All he needed was the pipe and robe.

Twizzle for his part in all this either bowed to submission to head humping or got ticked off enough to start biting Greyton's butt in retaliation. The dance continued for another half hour. I'd seperate them and Greyton would get active again. I was losing my patience.

For Twizzle's safety and piece of mind I put him in the cage where we keep a litter box. Greyton wandered off and promptly fell asleep. I dozed on the couch - about an hour later Twizzle was making noises at the cage door wanting to be let out.

Thinking the sex storm had passed, I did. Hearing Twizzle out again caused Greyton to start his engine and more rounds of running, chasing, biting and head humping.

I had had enough. It was now like 2:30am. Greyton for the first time in over 5 years spent the rest of the night in his cage. He hasn't been this bad in about that long.

This morning he was let out. Greyton and Twizzle had their usual good morning nudges but that was it.

As I left the house this morning I could have sworn I saw Greyton typing a letter on the laptop. It began "I never thought this would happen to me...."

*sigh* Those bunnies.

Monday, November 21, 2005

Monday Bunday

Her Majesty Princess Jewel.

Baxter and Mr. Giblets -still looking to hide him before Thursday.

Greyton looking handsome, Twizzle in the background.

Thursday, November 17, 2005

The Bloggers are Coming..The Bloggers are Coming...

The next two days I'll be cleaning my house. Company is arriving on Saturday. Through the good fortune of geography and holiday family visiting several cool people who I met at Journalcon will be getting together with me Saturday.Actually showing up at my door.

I cleared it with Mrs. P. gatekeeper of my door.

me:"Hey local bloggers are coming to visit." I explain the logistics.

Mrs. Pratt: Look of ..well you know where this is going.....

I assured her that everybody visiting was normal,and did not have rabies or bird flu or anything , and assured her that the next time she wants to have people from her lighthouse cult over I would be cool.

I'm thrilled it's happening.I don't get many visitors. Maybe it's the moat.So it will be nice to show off the Prattcave, the Prattmobile,the rabbits, The look of Death from Mrs. Pratt. I feel a little bit like a sideshow barker...

"And here are the amazing pratt bunnies.See them eat carrots! See them eat lettuce! It baffles science!" "Here is the room where the Blog of Pratt hails from. Ignore the Hooters calender on the wall please. Step this way."

But honestly, after kind of spending a decade sheltered away from the world it's nice to socialize again.Even for a day. Yeah I'm all squeelike and a big pile of goo but the friendships formed through Journalcon are very special.So keeping them going is important for me.

So it's up at the crack of dawn for me tomorrow to turn the Prattcave into looking hospitable and not like it's usual disaster area. I'm sure the bunnies will want to help me.Greyton does love that vacuum cleaner you know.

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Top 12 Secrets of the Oprah- Roger Ebert Date Revealed...

It's being reported that in the 1980's, Oprah Winfrey and film critic Roger Ebert went on a date. The best thing that happened from this one date romance was Ebert convinced Oprah to launch her show into syndication,make more money than God and begin her world conquest.

The Blog of Pratt has sleuthed out the 12 Other Secrets from the Oprah-Ebert Date...

12. Tense staring contest over jumbo buttered popcorn at cineplex.

11. He likes her perfume asks to have some sprayed on his dessert.

10. Oprah tells oafish waiter Phil he should become a doctor.

9. A seething Steadman Graham watching from afar.

8. They go see "Risky Business"- wonder about that kid jumping on the couch.

7. Both discover secret wish of Oscars made out of Chocolate.

6. "Junk in the Trunk" discovered not a term of endearment for either one.

5. Instead of flowers Ebert brings her pie.

4. Saying "Two Thumbs Up!" worse than goodnight kiss.

3. Both from Chicago-they go to a Cubs game-Concessionaires happy.

2. It was "Siskel this" "Siskel that" all through dinner.

1. Second date? Thumbs down!

Monday, November 14, 2005

Monday Bunday...

Twizzle's big belly makes a comfy pillow for Greyton.

Princess Jewel...still on her medicine and doing well.

Baxter meets Mr. Giblets. She promises to hide him until the 25th.

Greyton in a contented snooze.

Princess lounging for an afternoon nap. She tolerates the paparazzi before she rests.

Friday, November 11, 2005

Twenty Questions...

1. What's for breakfast? Corn muffin w/margerine and coffee

2. Do you read a newspaper daily? - Yes- two or three of them.Philadelphia Inquirer,Philadelphia Daily News, Times Herald

3. What do you do when you can't sleep? Read blogs.

4. Say a word that sums up your mood-Rollercoaster.

5. Do you remember your dreams? Bits and pieces

6. Name something from your dream last night? Goldfish

7. Name a food that describes you- Glazed Donut

8. Today you are t shirt,maroon shirt, khakis, black shoes.

9. What's in your pockets? Keys.Wallet.85 cents.Comb. Cellphone.

10.Did you sing in the shower today? What did you sing? Just random notes.La la la la la laaaaaaaaaa.

11.What's the last song you heard? "California Girls" by the Beach Boys

12.Looking forward to the holidays? No.

13. Where do you want to be this instant-On a beach.

14.What's for lunch? Half a sandwich(roast beef/lettuce/tomato/mayo) potato salad,coffee.

15. What's something you would like to do soon? Go outside and Look at the stars.

16. Reading anything now? What is it? About 15 different books.

17.What's for dinner? I have no idea. I may go out.

18. A Favorite part of the day is...having a rabbit run up to say hello.

19.Are you happy? I wish I were more.

20. Will your friends do this meme? I hope so.

Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Greyton and Pratt. Greyton is on the left.

Monday, November 07, 2005

Monday Bunday...


Princess Jewel

Twizzle and Greyton

Rare photo of all 4 Pratt Bunnies together Princess at far end. Greyton and Twizzle flirting with Baxter.