Thursday, February 24, 2005


Poor Paris Hilton. Her T-Mobile Phone was hacked and all her celebrity friends' phone numbers and messages were posted over the net.

What was not reported were some of the Top 12 surprising things found in Paris Hilton's Phone...

12. Hotline number to the Batcave.

11. Prof. Stephen Hawking's jacuzzi party invite.

10. Harvard Admissions Office phone number.

9. Mathematical equations to make time travel possible.

8. Motel 6 location maps.

7. Projected 2005 Batting Averages for the New York Yankees.

6. The New York Yankees.

5. Ringtones for every Lionel Richie song.

4. Pratt's cellphone number...WTF?

3. Instructions how to work cellphone.

2. Love notes to Greyton!And Photos!!

1. Chlamydia.

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