Friday, February 25, 2005

Radio Silence...

Despite the fact that the state of commercial radio these days do I put this in an educated erudite rocks...There was one Philadelphia radio station where you could occasionally hear good music. It was called Y100. They played all the "alternative' music and also sponsored pretty cool concerts. Every summer they would have the "feztival" and Mrs. P. and I caught a few.The best one was when we got to see Green Day, Ben Folds Five,Everclear and Mighty Mighty Bosstones on one bill. Another time we caught Garbage and Cake. Um..the bands that is.

This morning pretty much without warning the station became all Hip Hop and calls itself the Beat now. A lot of my younger co-workers are dismayed at the sudden change.

It happens though in radio. Long Island had once upon a time the coolest station in the world- WLIR /WDRE 92.7 during the '80 and early'90's they broke a lot of New Wave and Alternative music in on the east coast. A few years ago it abruptly switched to an All-Spanish station. Que lastima.

So it looks like Satellite Radio will pick up some more listeners due to Y100's demise. Goodbye Y100.

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