Saturday, February 19, 2005


I really wish I got a "do-over" for today. My very bad days are fortunately few and far between but when karma decides I needs an ass kicking, it's wearing the steel toed Doc today.

The alarm clock went off at 9AM because I had to be awake and alert to get tickets for Green Day (they are playing Atlantic City in April).The tix were going on sale at 10AM. I was foolishly optimistic like I was with attempting to get U2 ducats a few weeks ago.

I was downstairs after passing out baby carrots and cheerios to the Pratt Bunnies (usual breakfast fare for them) when suddenly I heard a thunderous noise from upstairs.

Now Baxter usually races around the bedrooms to exercise first thing and you hear her thumpity thump running. But this was a louder type of a crazed panic bat out of hell noise.

Baxter was in the one bedroom looking meek. I petted her and she seemed ok. Then I went to the room where we keep our computer. SHIT.

We protect our computer and cords with plexiglass then have a chair pushed up against it when not in use. She can't get back there then. When I'm sitting at the computer she knows she'll be told to scoot if she tries to go under there.

Due to me leaving space for her to get back there she did and decided to follow her carrot breakfast with a nice snack of the moniter power cord.


She is ok. We checked her out thoroughly..she's been normal all day- ate her dinner tonight and is acting like nothing happened.

But the moniter was useless. So that was bad thing #1.

But hey remember I got up in the first place to get Green Day tickets? Despite trying with the phone and Mrs. Pratt's laptop- the show was sold out within a half hour.The tickets were going for a fair price of $35 -so they went quick.Check out ebay to see how much the vultures are reselling them. So no Green Day for us in April. Bad thing #2.

We decided to go to a local mall where I had to get a haircut ("Founding Father hair" was back on me. That's where it wings out on the sides - yeah it's President's Day weekend but the George Washington look is out)

Lucky me! Two seconds after my haircut begins, a family with three very small children come in- time for haircuts for the tykes! These kids all screamed and cried through the experience. I think they broke the decibels record set by that WHO concert back in the 1970's. Bad thing #3.

The dad sat with each screaming child on his lap in the barber chair while the mom wrangled the other two. Seeing the fuss his brothers made, by the time third child 's turn was coming he was not interested in participating in "Sweeney Todd- the Juvenile Edition". He tried to run around the mom and she reached out to grab him...and then..Bad thing #4:


My hair is a little shorter than usual this time around.No real damage done but I was starting to feel that God got a hold of some Divine goldschlagger and after a few shots was messing with me.

Next door to the barber shop is the comic book store I have been going to since I moved to the Philly area. It's a cool store because not only does it sell comics but also old magazines, books and records(Vinyl!) I saw big notices for huge sales in the store. uh-oh..

"Say you guys aren't going out of business?" I said.

Well maybe not for a month or so was all the clerk could tell me.

"Worst News Ever." I thought (in the voice of Comic book Guy from the Simpsons).

Bad thing #5.

So the day just had to get better.A new power cord was bought.My haircut wasn't a total disaster. Mrs. Pratt knew I needed cheering up though.

Mrs. Pratt:"I think we need to go to Hooters for dinner."

I feel much better now. The computer is working. I saw boobs. Baxter is ok and I'll just have to settle for my Green Day cd. Tomorrow if I get out of bed I'm wearing a crash helmet.

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