Tuesday, March 29, 2005

After the Beep...

I had yesterday off from work and spent the day simultaneously fighting with my home computer and cleaning out a closet full of a couple decades of junk.

The computer thing? Well my Internet Explorer homepage which is usually set at yahoo kept being overrided by the about:blank virus. If you ever get it - and after 3 spybot programs to try to rid myself of it I had the urge to go to the local sporting goods store, purchase a baseball bat and then go yard to the damn machine.

A computer goddess I know told me to screw IE and go for Firefox which I have done and all is right in Prattland. I do plan on buying a new computer in the next month or so so fellow bloggers shout out suggestions for what I should get. Oh yeah and I'm ditching dial-up. Ok stop laughing all you technological marvels..."Univac" and I are still in the stone-age, and NO I do NOT power the computer by having the bunnies run on a treadmill generator.

The closet I was excavating unearthed a relic from my past. My old answering machine.
Many moons ago when sun was high and buffalo roamed prairie...I mean back in the 1980's when I lived on Long Island. I loved having this answering machine. I would do different voices asking you to leave a message. You never knew who would answer my phone- Ricky Ricardo, Richard Nixon,The Church Lady,Ralph Kramden and Ed Norton, Jimmy Stewart, Shatner...I had fun with it.These were full blown productions with sound effects and background music...and as I stared at it,a flood of memories came back.Memories of friends laughing at the messages.Memories of how much effort I would put into 30 seconds of audio nonsense.

Suddenly, there was pile of papers which was moving in the closet. Baxter had decided to assist me in the Spring cleaning. The rest of the rainy day was throwing out some old things I just didn't need anymore. Old notebooks from college. Old textbooks. Obscure things I've collected over the years.
Baxter decided that the books were tasty and nibbled on a few.

I showed Mrs. Pratt the old answering machine.

Mrs.Pratt: "Can you even BUY answering machine cassettes anymore?"

A little hesitant, I placed it in the trash. Another piece of the 20th century gone.

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