Wednesday, March 23, 2005

All About the Benjamin Bunnies...

Every year at Easter , parents think it's adorable to give their children bunnies as an easter gift. Unfortunately, not knowing all that being a rabbit owner entails often leads to people abandoning these bunnies. All of our bunnies with the exception of Baxter were rabbits that where dumped and ended up in the SPCA- then our local chapter of the House Rabbit Society took them in and they found a loving home with us.

Each year stories like this one are important to educate the public of all the responsibility you need to have when you own a pet rabbit. It's sad that the next few weeks after Easter the shelters get filled with abandoned easter bunnies. If you know anybody considering getting a rabbit at Easter please make sure they know how much care these animals need.
Twizzle takes in the morning headline.

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