Saturday, March 19, 2005

Bun Meets Girl...

The introduction of Baxter into the social world of Greyton and Twizzle continues. Rabbits can be very territorial so adding a third rabbit to a bonded pair can be a little tricky.

This afternoon Baxter was set up in a portable pen in our living room. Twizzle immediately noticed here but didn't show any signs of aggression. They touched noses a few times then Twizzle sat up and groomed himself while watching her. This is the rabbit equivalent of flexing at Muscle Beach.Baxter looked at him with a "He's such a hunk" look in her eyes and her ears and body language remained in a friendly stance.

Greyton didn't notice her for awhile. Hey he had major afternoon naps to take! But he usually wanders over to where he is served his dinner by 7pm. He stopped and said hello. Again no aggression at a strange bunny in the territory and a couple of nose nudges. I apologize for no pics of today's adventures. The camera battery needs charging and a very special Monday Bunday has to be prepared tomorrow.

They were all served their salad and greens and I think they were all trying to outdo the other in making loud munching noises with their greens. But all through their dinner they kept staring at each other.

We'll continue these visits by Baxter for a little longer..eventually we will let her be in the territory without the pen. It took Greyton and Twizzle six months to be bonded. How they react to her upclose and with each other with a female around should be interesting. Who needs the afternoon Soaps when you have this?

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