Saturday, March 05, 2005

Catalogia Catatonia...

The mailbox for the Prattcave is pretty consistently full six days a week.Although I could use some more fan mail from my readers. *ahem*

The mail compliment always seems to include catalogs.I dig catalogs. I admit that I have always loved to shop. Some stores ask if I would like their catalog and we end up on their mailing lists.Part of it is my own doing.

However like the nether-world wherever that missing sock from the dryer goes to, there is a plane of existence that has me on the business end of receiving the oddest catalogs.

Yes, the average ones show up..Pottery Barn, Eddie Bauer, LLBean, Restoration Hardware, Ikea.

But how to explain the cigar catalog? where I can pick the finest stogies available through mail order...well I don't smoke cigars and because of that heart surgery thang five years ago ..I'm clueless why I get this.

A friend of ours sent me a Court Jester table a few years back as a graduation present. The company that sells it also has things like facsimiles of mummy cases and suits of armor. That shows up a few times a year. I'm not in the market for a mummy case but it's amusing to look at.

Mrs. Pratt gets about three or four lighthouse related catalogs. The Bunnies even get catalogs! BusyBunny is where they love to get their hay baskets from. And somehow Greyton ended up on Hef's mailing list.Hmmmm.

Today's mail had a contemporary furniture catalog called Chiasso. I flipped through it and spotted something that filled my heart with absolute joy. It's this product.

Breakfast in the Prattcave will never be the same again! I mean, c'mon don't you think the Looky Breakfast Collection just says "Pratt"?

Mrs. Pratt was upstairs sleeping for most of the early evening...I think I gave her my cold I had. (Contagion Boy Strikes again!)

She came downstairs around 8pm and I showed her the Looky breakfast set. She agreed to get them! Right away!

Hey...what a sec...she never agrees to my hare-brained schemes(sorry bunnies) so easily....

Or was that the fever talking? Hmmmm....the plot may least before my oatmeal in that cereal bowl.

Alrighty readers,what are your favorite catalogs and why don't you send me one?

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