Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Culture Vulture...

This time of year is really getting me down. Not quite Springtime yet. I am so tired of winter. As I look out my office window I see another snowfall occuring. Old man Winter is giving me the finger.

Tomorrow will be quite the day of culture for yours truly. It's been awhile that Mrs. Pratt and I have had a day out together. She's been so busy with her last MBA class that finding time to do something together isn't easy.

It's her Spring Break this week.

Mrs. Pratt:"I'm on Spring Break this week you know."

Me:"Wooohooo! Spring Break! Wet t-shirt parties and keggers! Paaaaaaarty!"

*LOOK OF DEATH* from Mrs. Pratt

Mrs. Pratt:" Ahhhh...no. But we can go to the Dali exhibit and Flower show."

Double whammy.

It will be fun. The plan is to go to the Philadelphia Museum of Art in the afternoon and see their major exhibit right now. It's Salvador Dali.
It should be fun...well surreal at least.

After a day at the museum we'll grab some dinner then head over to the Convention Center to see the Philadelphia Flower Show. This is the oldest flower show in America ,started by the Pennsylvania Horticulture Society.

At this point of the season when everyone is sick and tired of winter weather visiting the Flower Show is the perfect tonic.

Adventures await...

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