Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Geek Physique...

Mrs. Pratt and I are planning a trip to Key West in a few months. Partly to celebrate her getting an MBA this Spring and me turning F-f-f-f-f-forty this summer.We plan on a week of partying.After hibernating most of the winter, it's time to shape up for the beach and lose the winter weight.

To avoid frightening fellow vacationers when we are at the beach (I envision them running screaming as if in a Godzilla movie)I am getting reacquainted with my treadmill- my enemy. Mrs. Pratt has been devotedly going to her gym at nights as well.

But the countdown is on to get into shape.Last night before we went to sleep we had this conversation:

Me: "How would you describe my physique?"

very nice overall..just a little girth in the middle."

Now I apologize to my readers who are maybe reading this during a lunch hour. It's never my intent to make you lose your appetite. You've seen photos of me on here- I'm definitely not Ralphie from Celebrity Fit Club. But I need to lose 10-15 pounds. The days where I can eat anything and still stay at 160 are long gone.

I've cast out my other arch foe- Donuts. Yesterday we had a tearful parting after I scarfed down two of them.A last hurrah for Krispy Kreme. And for lunch I've been eating simple stuff... Yogurt. Fruit cups. Granola bars.

I'm burning myself some good music to treadmill to. If I can motivate myself to blog daily then I certainly can motivate to exercise and lose the pounds.

So hopefully by the time the vacation rolls around..The rolls won't be around. I'll keep you updated but thankfully without photos.

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