Monday, March 28, 2005

Happy Dyngus Day...

It's Easter Monday and growing up in Buffalo, New York one of the biggest traditions of the Polish community there was the celebration of Dyngus Day.

The tradition came from Poland where after the seriousness of Lent,Polish men would try to get the attention of women by throwing water on them, or tapping them with pussywillows. Women would get their revenge by throwing crockery at the men on Tuesday.

This is a big holiday in Buffalo where now it's a day of polka bands,food,and celebrations.

I'm not Polish but always found this a unique holiday. When we were first married I found some pussywillows and began tapping Mrs. Pratt with them.

Mrs.Pratt:"What are you doing?"
Me: "It's Dyngus Day." (I then give her the explanation)

Mrs. Pratt: "You are so weird."

I expect the crockery to fly tomorrow in a sign of her affection or maybe to just shut me up.

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