Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Hello Dali and Flower Power ...

Mrs. Pratt and I went into the the city to attend some cultural events today. I guess the monthly bikini contest at Hooters just doesn't cut it anymore. Our first stop was the Philadelphia Museum of Art and the Salvador Dali exhibit.

We both had work commitments in the morning so we didn't get to the museum until 2pm and of course by then all the tickets for the special exhibit were sold out. We didn't panic though. We've been meaning to get a membership for awhile and managed to get tickets for a Saturday morning in April.

To keep with the surreal mood as we were standing in line waiting to pay admission I supposed that scalpers would be hovering about. "Who wants tickets for Dali? I got two. Hey buddy, wanna buy a melted watch?" Mrs. Pratt actually laughed at my jokes this time while we patiently waited in this persistence of time.

I wanted to include photos of me running up the art museum steps like Rocky- well because it's required of every visitor to Philadelphia....However there was a wind chill of like 5 degrees today. Next month you will all get to witness me at my "Yo ADRIAN!" best.

So we walked around the rest of the museum...

I see the sailboat!

Mrs. Pratt secretly snapped me admiring the paintings of Monet.

Enjoy some Sunflowers by Vincent Van Gogh.

Here I am in front of Mark Rothko's work"Hey it's the same color as Pratt's shirt."

Now my favorite piece of permanent art in the Philadelphia Museum of Art is this marble bust by Jean-Antoine Houdon of Benjamin Franklin. I stare at it and it truly brings out the humanity in this historical figure. He's greeting you with the bemused smile of an old friend.

Houdon's bust of Ben of the best likenesses of him.

"Ben and Me".

We left the museum and drove to the Convention center. After grabbing a bite to eat in Reading Terminal Market we were energized somewhat for the Philadelphia Flower Show.

You know the last time I was at the flower show was ten years ago. It suddenly came rushing back why. The median age of the people attending was menopause. Mrs. Pratt took her mother there two years ago and nearly lost her. You see if you turn your back on the crowd all you will see is mostly a sea of grey hair and cloth coats. So I had forgotten how popular this was with little old ladies, my desire to see something green and Spring-like was strong after the hellacious last few weeks of winter.

Going on a weekday to the flower show at dinner time was a smart move on our part. It was crowded but not as bad as the weekend mobs that attend. The wheel chair rental was doing a hefty business though with all the senior citizens. I saw more wheels on the convention floor than the time we went to the Auto Show.

I guess the winter doldrums has everybody going a little wonky, because any arrangement of posies was making crowds three deep swoon. Take this scene for example:

What a crowd! Are they waiting for U2 tickets? Green Day? No this is the line to see the banzai tree exhibit.

Yeah it was like that. Now different corporations would sponsor big landscaped tableaus and so much of it was pretty. The place smelled nice too- I guess the fragrance of flora vs.. Old Grandma smell cancelled each other out.

There was a big crowd gathered for lectures. I scanned the schedule and in mock indignation shouted "Damn! We missed "How to plan a Bog Garden" Those bastards!!"
Mrs. Pratt ignored me.

I continued my jackassery by spotting the display on garden pests.

"Not Rabbits!"

Look! Cream of Unoriginal Flower Arranging! I was baffled that crowds were so enchanted with this set-up. Hundreds were taking me.D'oh! I was starting to get bored and cranky by the whole thing.

I saw a big gift shop set up in the middle of the convention center and was checking it out. Big mistake. What's worse than 50,000 little old ladies oohing and ahing about flowers? 50,000 little old ladies oohing and ahing over flowers on t-shirts and baseball caps.

There were more elbows thrown and pushing and shoving in the store than if the line-up of the 1974 Philadelphia Flyers were there.I was really hating me some old lady now.

Meanwhile Mrs. Pratt took this photo for the rabbits...

Look! Vegetables!

After dealing with Whistler's Mother Mosh Pit, I wearily found Mrs. Pratt again.

Me: "Isn't Hemlock a plant?"

Mrs. Pratt: "I think it's a tree. Why?

I explained the carnage of the Flower show store. "Because I want some to kill myself!"

Despite me being bored I stuck with the old saw that if you are handed lemons make lemonade. We saw some more beautiful floral scenes.

Oddly, I was strangely drawn to this cactus. That's one big Pricker.

We saw some tropical settings. It made us forget about the icy winds outside.

It was time to go and so ended our day in the city together. Of course before we left I bought my wife some flowers.

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