Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Lights Out...

I had the computer on. Baxter flopped out in the middle of the room. Some music playing. The other bunnies were munching their greens happily and nosily in other parts of the house.
When suddenly...

*ZOT* All electricity goes off. Was it because I was listening to "Electricity" from OMD today? Wow thanks karma!

Well immediately from downstairs in the living room I start hearing *THUMP*THUMP*THUMP which is Greyton and Twizzle's rabbit way of telling us there's danger. yeah It's like a Lassie epsidoe...

*THUMP* THUMP* "What is it boy? The Power is off? You saved money on your car insurance? Timmy fell in a well?"
But they were freaking out a little. Baxter froze and by the light of the window I scooped her up and put her in her cage so she wouldn't go running into things and be freaked out even more.

Using the light from my cellphone I hunt down our flashlights. Yeah I'm Macgyver of the suburbs. I leave one on in our bedroom where Princess (the rabbit not Mrs. Pratt) was.

The boys were big fraidy bunnies downstairs but I managed to get some candles lit and they kind of shrugged off the darkness and went back to eating their salads by candlelight.

Here's yours truly in the dark...
Oooooooooh Spooooooky!

Mrs. Pratt arrived home maybe a half hour later and said, "Hey the lights are out."

Me: Didn't you notice the entire neighborhood has no lights?"
Mrs. Pratt:"No, I just thought it was getting late."

We had to leave the house and drop Prattmobile off at his usual garage to get inspected. It took about 10 minutes and when we returned the power was on..which makes sense or else I wouldn't be writing this. Gah. All this adventure and excitement in the suburbs tonight.

*Thump* *THUMP*THUMP* What is it Greyton? What? I should shut the hell up and end this post? ok...lights out.

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