Tuesday, March 29, 2005

March Madness- Grim Reaper division...

What is with Death the last two weeks? Yes he's normally busy but jiminy crickets(no he's still around) Death has not taken a holiday. I'm bummed out at the death of Paul Hester, but looking through some news sites in the last two weeks the world lost cabaret singer Bobby Short, car maverick John Delorean,the verbose Johnnie Cochran. Names of some fame who made a mark on society.

I'm always interested of the obit of the not so famous who helped the world but maybe are generally not known to the public. Like Andrew Toti. He invented the "Mae West" inflatable life vest which saved the life of many pilots during World War II. He also invented a pull tab for soda and beer cans.

Paul Henning who died Friday created television favorites "The Beverly Hillbilies" "Pettitcoat Junction" and had a hand in casting "Green Acres". Henning wrote that catchy theme song "The Ballad of Jed Clampett". One of his episodes of the Beverly Hillbillies pulled in a record 80 million viewers (The Giant Jack Rabbit).

He also wrote the movie "Bedtime Story" which evolved into today's "Dirty Rotten Scoundrels" now on Broadway as a musical.

Now onto the sickbay- Prince Rainier of Monaco,who captivated the world in the 1950's by marrying Grace Kelly(Nice Philly girl) is hospitalized and in serious condition.

Everybody knows the Pope isn't doing too well...and I'm not getting into you know who in Florida.That story will be ending soon. And don't forget Chief Justice Rehnquist. I swear Death is booked up at a local Hilton drinking from the mini bar and getting his robe and scythe wet in the jacuzzi.Geez You'd think his Sidekick was leaked on the internet with all the names being dropped.

And finally Jerry Falwell,anti-gay self-righteous preacher and asshat supreme is in the hospital with viral pneumonia. I hope they have the Teletubbies on his hospital tv set 24/7 for him and a nurse sent by Larry Flynt.

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