Friday, March 11, 2005

Return of The Craft...

Mrs. Pratt got her prints of her day at The Gates. She wanted to create a giant poster size display featuring her photos. It was off to the local craft store after dinner.

The craft store near us is tucked away in this corner of a shopping center. Yeah, that's my hip happening Friday night. I'm in a craft store. Mrs. Pratt goes there often and immediately knew what aisle to go to to find her materials for her art project.

As for me, I was captivated by some goofy looking Easter decorations and when I turned around she wasn't anywhere to be seen. So I start wandering the aisles. The store had people in it at 7:30 at night. But they were mostly older women who upon the sight of me kind of gave me a strange form of the stinkeye. Maybe they heard about me from the flower show.

Truth be told, As I wandered past the color by number sets, the fabric painting, beads and the make your own doll aisles I must have been a strange sight on a Friday Night.

I tried to be Mr. Cool and as I turned the corner into a scrapbooking aisle I could tell these women were shaking their heads at me in a "That's sad" kind of way.I stopped to look at some nice pens and pulled one out. I don't know how but about ten other pens came falling out of the container and spilled to the floor. It made a clinky sound on the tile.

I mutter to myself about being so clumsy and as I look up- yes, that's right the women who were giving me the hairy eyeball. Now they must be convinced I'm some weirdo loitering around the store on a Friday night...either that or Jerry Lewis.

Fortunately Mrs. Pratt walked up to me then as I put the pens back. The presence of her eased the fears of the other shoppers. "Oh Look!" they must be thinking, " Monkey boy has a trainer."

Mrs. Pratt got all the materials she needed and I ended up buying some new drawing pens. I guess it's true you must suffer for your art.

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