Friday, March 18, 2005

Top 12 Surprising Things Learned at the Baseball Steroid Hearings...

Major League Baseball has been under fire this week due to the allegations of steroid abuse by some of its top players. The Blog of Pratt presents The Top 12 surprising things we learned as the baseball players talked to members of Congress.

12. Phillie Phanatic had roid rage incident with San Diego Chicken in 1997.

11. Barry Bonds only takes Flintstone Chewables before games.

10. Darryl Strawberry calls steroid abusers "Amateurs!"

9. Last Mark Mcgwire Home Run measured at 17 miles.

8. Under heavy questioning Jose Canseco suddenly turned green ripped out of his shirt and yelled "Hulk is strongest one there is!"

7. Babeball players hinted that those butch figure skaters do it much worse.

6. Bud Selig unable to testify due to recurring cranial-rectal problem:He had his head up his ass.

5. More unknown mystery substances found in stadium hot dogs.

4. Pete Rose bet 2-1 odds that some baseball players would plead the 5th.

3. Hey did you hear there's a war on? And Social Security is going down the crapper?

2. Players request recess for lunch and androstenedione.

1. "Senator...This hearing was done without the express written consent of Major League Baseball! Good day Sir!"

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