Saturday, March 05, 2005

Why to Choose Philadelphia for a Summer Vacation...

This entry is in response to one done by Coleen of Hussified. She did an Ask Me Anything day where she turned the tables and posed a question to each one of her readers in return.
Someone had wanted to know the Top 10 reasons they should summer vacation in Philadelphia. She gave great answers and then challenged me to do the same with perhaps slightly spin.

Is that enough backstory for you? Well I'll list Ten things I enjoy about living in the Philadelphia area. Maybe you'll visit someday.

10. The Rodin Museum- Yeah, Godzilla has one and Mothra and..Huh? What? Not the giant Japanese monster..oh the French sculptor guy! Creator of "The Thinker" this is a museum run by th e Philadelphia Museum of Art featuring many works of Auguste Rodin.

9. Brandywine River Museum Focusing on American art and illustration this museum is the best place to see the works of three generations of the Wyeths- N.C.,Andrew,and Jamie.It is located in Chadds Ford which is about an hour's drive from here. My favorite museum.

8. The Liberty Bell-well,duh.

7. The Philadelphia Phillies-I'm a baseball fan and spending a day at the Phillies new ballpark is wonderful. It opened last year and gives a personal touch to the fan. No matter how bad the team is -which is often- there is always something to enjoy at Citizens Bank Park.

6. Birthplace of Larry Fine- In Oct.1902, Larry Fine the "middle Stooge" of the Three Stooges was born in Philadelphia at 3rd and South St.
South St. is the home to many hip stores and cool eateries. There is a restaurant now on the site where his birthplace was but Larry is not forgotten. Hey Porcupine!

5. New Hope,Pennsylvania-About an hour North of here. This eclectic town in Bucks County is the place to find many unique restaurants and shops. Always worth a visit.I always dig a day there.

4. Meeting Ben Franklin-Ralph Archbold is the man Philadelphia knows best as Ben Franklin , and especially during the summer at 11am he will sit in the courtyard of where the Franklin home once stood (Franklin Court) and talk to you. It's a delightful experience. If you ever wanted an encounter with a founding father this is it. Ben turns 300 in 2006 so there will be plenty of special events in the city celebrating him.He was Philadelphia's greatest citizen

3.Rita's Water Ice-On hot sticky days of summer Rita's water ice is the best thing.Better than ice cream. I love a cherry gelati.Mrs. Pratt loves it when I get brain freeze and make goofy faces.

2. The biggest shopping mall on the East Coast-hundreds of stores and restaurants. Totally crazy at Christmas time but not as bad in the summer.Get your shopping jones on here.

1. The Pratt Bunnies-well,duh.

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