Saturday, March 12, 2005

Worst. Business Move. Ever....

It's official. The comic book store I have been visiting for about 13 years now is going out of business.They are hanging up the capes.

Mrs. Pratt surmises that since the big fads like those "Magic:The Gathering" card games aren't selling anymore and kids today are more interested in the latest video games, the sales of comic books just fell flat.

It was so much more than a comic book store. The last few years they also branched old to selling records-vinyl.That's what we used to do to listen to music back in the age of dinosaurs.

You could also find old pulp novels and old Hollywood magazines from years ago.They had many "pin-up" mags...not porn. But the classic cheesecake models from the 50's.Well there was some Bettie Page which is always a good thing in my book...They also had a huge selection of graphic novels and books on comic strips,pop culture and comic book history.They had old rock magazines like Circus and Creem.So much stuff I didn't have time to really dig through all the treasures of nostalgia they own.Now I have maybe another week before it disappears.

When I first moved to the Philadelphia area, a friend had recently been hired in the comic book industry. Whenever we would talk he would tell me about the latest happenings with his company, and although it had been like 15 years since I bought comic books, I decided to catch up with some super heroes.I thought I outgrew them.But the modern writers and artists sucked me back in. I saw this store and went in to see what my friend was talking about.

The clerk was pretty cool and updated me on all my old favorites. What? Superman died? Batman broke his back? Spider Man is a clone? Yeah it was a little confusing at first but soon I found myself picking up a few titles each week.

Some of the joys the comic book store gave me:

The Starman series by James Robinson and Tony Harris.

The Golden Age also by James Robinson

Kingdom Come by Mark Waid and Alex Ross

The artwork of Alex Ross.Check out his stuff on this

Milk and Cheese and Dork by Evan Dorkin.

And enjoying the wonderful writings and drawings of Grant Morrison,Jim Lee,Warren Ellis,Geoff Johns,Kurt Busiek,George PerezAdam Kubert,Neil Gaiman,and Jeph Loeb, to name a few.

When I was in the hospital for my heart surgery and then facing the months of recovery, the guys at the store gave me a special present of free comics. That was cool.I never forgot that.

I also used to dig the way if I was in the store shopping or looking for books and Mrs. Pratt would meet me in there. The guys and other patrons would snap to attention with a "Hey look! A girl!"eager attitude. Because..well Mrs. Pratt is a babe. As I would walk out with her I felt like Lord of the Geeks.

So now where do I go to find the Justice Society and Green Arrow? The big book store chains carry some comics but then no indie stuff which I like to check out from time to time. The search will be on for a local replacement...but truth be told, there aren't many options for me.

So thanks for the memories old comic book store. You always made me feel super.

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