Wednesday, April 27, 2005

100 More Things...

1. I have hazel eyes.
2. I used to watch waaay too much television.
3. My favorite poem is by e.e.cummings
4. I never miss watching the Oscars each year.
5. I'm horribly allergic to cats.
6. I've never been arrested.
7. I was homeless for 2 months in 1985.
8. I'm not afraid to fly.
9. I'm a night owl.
10. I love Hooters... because I'm a night owl..whooo whooo! No? Not buying it?
11. I don't know how to juggle.
12. I have 4 scars on my body.
13. The roller rink I worked at in the 1980's is now a parking lot.
14. The hospital I was born in is now a parking lot.
15. A house I lived in during the early 1990's is now a parking lot.
16. I was in a bad car accident.But I wasn't driving and wasn't injured.
17. I can ice skate but haven't done it in like 20 years.
18. I used to take more risks.
19. I blush easily.
20. My favorite beer is Yuengling.
21. The first career I wanted was to be an Astronaut.
22. I wrote Woody Allen a letter once and he wrote me back.
23. I like to fly kites.
24. I love to people watch.
25. I check my email a lot.
26. I feel down when there isn't any.
27. I've played strip poker and won.
28.... and lost too.
29. The last time I was drunk was in August.
30. My favorite superhero is The golden age Sandman.
31. My favorite Stooge is Larry.
32. I am quick to forgive.
33. Nothing beats a weekend in bed.
34. I've discovered an ancestor of mine fought in the Revolutionary War.
35. Doing housework is no big deal for me.
36. I don't mind picking up the check.
37. I always wanted to travel across Canada by train.
38. Favorite dessert is Chocolate Mousse.
39. hmmm...But I also like Pie.
40. I haven't been to the movies in the last 3 months.
41. I haven't rented a movie in over 6 months.
42. I like doing laundry.
43. I wish I had a better fashion sense.
44. It frustrates me when people don't understand my sense of humor.
45. Lewis Black always makes me laugh.
46. Jeff Foxworthy does not.
47. I like rainy days.
48. I wish I had more friends.
49. I like Chinese food. General Tso Chicken rocks.
50. I've been in love several times.
51. I use an electric razor.
52. Spider Man gave me a tour of the offices of Marvel Comics once.
53. I don't know how to ski.
54. I wish I was living in another part of the country.
55. Favorite Baseball player ever- John Kruk.
56. I'd rather watch a comedy than a drama.
57. I have brown hair with a stray gray.
58. I don't feel as old as I am.
59. I don't like to eat a lot of seafood like crab or lobster.
60. I've burnt some of my bridges but repaired some as well.
61. Harry Kalas announcing a Phillies game on the radio is wonderful.
62. Favorite Beatle- Ringo.
63. Reading a book on the floor with a rabbit sitting nearby is peaceful.
64. I wish I was doing something else career-wise.
65. I miss going to happy hours.
66. I try to bring Mrs. Pratt coffee in bed every morning.
67. I'm not a blanket hog.
68. I feed the squirrels in my backyard.
69. I've been to a nude beach.
70. I saw "Ginger" from 'Gilligan's Island" shopping once. I didn't approach her.
71. I'm a sucker for Strawberry-blondes.
72. I love Halloween.
73. I remember my dreams easily the next morning.
74. favorite animated characters:Bugs Bunny, Homer Simpson,Baby Stewie
75. I plan on writing a blog for as long as I live.
76. I've been on a front page of a city newspaper.
77. Car I wish I had- Beetle.
78. I can act out whole sections of "It's a Wonderful Life".
79. Thunderstorms are fun with someone.
80. I'm not a good photographer.
81. I've commited random acts of kindness.
82. I still get crushes.
83. I vote but get incredibly jaded at the outcome.
84. I think Key West is the best place to see a sunset.
85. Cuba Lake isn't bad either.
86. My greatest fear is dying in a car crash.
87. 3 historical figures I admire: Theodore Roosevelt, Benjamin Franklin, FDR.
88. Doing shots is fun.
89. I like kareoke but have never tried it.
90. Vanilla is one of my favorite scents.
91. I own a bear skin rug.
92. I won a comedy competition once.
93. I stopped doing it due to stage fright.
94. I miss performing.
95. I've laughed during a funeral.
96. I don't want any religious ceremony for me when I die.
97. I only wear a baseball hat at baseball games.
98. Without my glasses I'm blind like Velma from Scooby Doo.
99. I like raking leaves. I hate shoveling snow.
100. I did it myyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy waaaaaaaaaay.

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