Sunday, April 03, 2005

18 Again...

For her birthday this year I got Mrs. Pratt some tickets to Duran Duran. She is a big fan from back in the day (which is surprising given the age she SAYS she is..HA!)This was a big deal for her because all the original members are touring togther again after 20 years.

Despite a horrible day of soaking rain(yes they did play "Hold Back the Rain") Mrs. Pratt prepared herself to see John Taylor-bass player of Duran Duran and one of the few people who if they knocked on my door and said, "I'm here to run off with your Mrs." she would probably jump in the limo.
Mrs. Pratt excited for the Duran Duran concert.

We got to the Spectrum and I surveyed the crowd. Not a lot of young people.Women outnumbered men by 2 to 1 and I would say the audience was definitely late 20-'s to 40's. I saw one woman wearing a tank top that said "Got Milf?" but couldn't get the camera phone out in time.Damn.

Prior to the show somebody noticed my rabbit ring.It turned out the couple behind us were pet bunny owners as well! Small world! We had a nice chat with them about things our rabbits do,diet,etc. It was a cool coincidence.

After an opening act by the energetic Stimulator, the stage was dark- then some burbles of sound and suddenly the 5 members of Duran Duran stood before us.I've been to a lot of concerts but the screams for them were the loudest of any I remember.

They played some of their new album Astronaut which is pretty good and of course did all the hits they were famous for. Simon Le Bon's voice sounded great.Nick Rhodes still wears make-up and does a nice job on keyboards.Roger Taylor did superb drumming. Andy Taylor on lead guitar kicked ass along with Mrs. Pratt's love John Tayor on bass.

Mrs.Pratt:(With big perma-grin on her face that didn't leave all night):"He's wearing leather pants."

Suddenly she was 18 again. You'd think she was. The beer guy did. Before the show she went to get a beer and the man pouring them asked to see her i.d. saying he doesn't sell to 18 year olds. Maybe it was her bright pink Punk Rock Hello Kitty shirt. She enjoyed that moment.

After a trip to the bathroom,I asked her if the lines were long down there with all the women here.

Mrs. Pratt: "NO, but too many drunk girls are singing 'Hungry like the Wolf'. I hope it doesn't ruin it for me."

The concert itself really was wonderful. I'm shocked and amazed that I knew all the lyrics to Union of the Snake and Planet Earth and that they all came back to me so quick since the last time I sang along with them was maybe 1985.

So I had my '80's flashback moment too when I remembered how cool the Rio album was when it came out in 1982, and how it was unlike any other rock record with it's smooth sound. I never had the chance to see the band in the 80's but it made me recall those days when I was lot younger and trying to be New Wave in suburban Buffalo.

And the good thing is we get to see them again a week from today. Duran Duran will be playing the Borgata in Atlantic City and that is part 2 of Mrs. Pratt's present. I will let her guest blog about her take on the concerts next week. Now if you'll excuse me I have to go buy some leather pants.

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