Friday, April 29, 2005

The Big Picture...

People are always talking about looking at the "The Big Picture". I think it's also known as the "The Grand Scheme of Things" or "The Whole Enchilada".

Why they picked the "enchilada" I'm not sure- I think it's referring to the shape of the wait... that's the "Big Burrito". It's never the "Big Fajita" or the "Humungous Chimichangas" or even an order of chicken tacos and could I PLEASE get a side salad with that? What? You have no Thousand Island dressing?". Great, now I have to run to Taco Bell after writing this entry. Mexican food aside, I've been doing some thinking.(Uh-Oh I hear you say).

I usually don't write much about my job because it's not the kind of exciting position that would make you, dear reader, hurl yourself in front of the computer to read with breathless anticipation about the latest exciting developments.

I really doubt you sit there at home or work and wonder "Is today the day that Pratt will update the Standard Federal Tax Reporter AND the Federal Tax Coordinator?" It's a library job and I've been doing it for almost 13 years.

But despite it sounding dull I still enjoy what I do for a living.Today, not so much due to situations that I wish wouldn't get me stressed out. I had to come home and decompress and think about the "The Big Picture".

We all know that all the places we work can be "offbeat" at times. Offbeat is the charming polite way of saying everyone is fucking batshit crazy. Look at the popularity of "Dilbert" and "The Office". The workplace has been the setting for the gloom of "Barleby the Scrivener" and "Glengarry Glen Ross". I thought about how work is seen through the eyes of our society in art,pop culture,literature. Yeah my brain thinks like that. I think the warranty ran out or something. Complaining about the workplace I think goes back to Noah when he said "You want me to build what?"
I'm not covering any new ground for any of us.

"The Big Picture" is when you take a deep breath and give yourself a rundown on all the options before you. It's the cause and effect, the truth or dare of your life.How does A relate to B and then C . What? I heard there wasn't going to be any Math! um anyway...

So today was officially known as a BAD DAY for me. The details when seen through the "Big Picture" makes me step outside of myself and tap me on the shoulder and say "You're getting upset about THIS?" Then I send myself out for some sandwiches and magazines.I better get my change back! Last time I sent myself out for food I kept the extra $5.

I really don't have many bad days at work. When too many string along in a workplace, well then karma is telling you to update that resume. But today pushed the envelope that maybe it's time for something new soon.

I'm standing back and looking at "The Big Picture". I wish I had an enchilada.

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