Sunday, April 24, 2005

Days of Our Carrots...

Today there was a secret rendez-vous.Baxter spent time in the living room .Social introductions had to be made. Twizzle however was a very very bad boy and decided to try to bite Baxter. He was sent to the cage for a time-out. Baxter was given run of the living room for the first time. A very suave Greyton worked his mojo.they got along well for a half hour until he started making his buzzing noises and wanted to do the horizontal mambo with her. Here are their first photos together. Twizzle will get his chance again soon. Later in the evening he flopped out near her pen and was a gentleman rabbit.

Girl Meets Bun.

Greyton plays it cool while Miss Baxter checks out his big poufy tail. Work it Greyton!

Greyton says "Later babe." Baxter says "Girls Rule. Boys Drool."

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