Thursday, April 07, 2005

Foot Bawl...

I'm not walking very well today. I think I broke my toe. About 2 nights ago I was up a little late and writing. Mrs. Pratt was going to bed and wanted me to get some sleep as well. Reminding her for the umpteenth time that I'm approaching 40 and not in need of a set bedtime I told her I wanted to write and blog. She grumbled a bit about it. I argued about not hindering the creative process and she went to sleep.

After I finished writing I came into the dark bedroom and was walking over to throw clothes in the hamper when suddenly..


Earlier that evening I had vaccuumed our bedroom and the vaccuum cleaner was sitting there. I had forgotten about it and smashed my foot into it.

I'm a crumpled mass on the bedroom floor.
Me: "Ow.ow.ow.ow.ow.ow." with additional curse words thrown in.

Mrs. Pratt wakes up. The lamp on the night stand is turned on. I turn to look at her with an exasperated Oliver Hardy expression.

Me:"Go ahead say it. If I didn't stay up to blog this wouldn't have happened."

I got the patented "My husband is an idiot look" and off to sleep she went.

Yesterday my foot was very sore but I had to get to work early so barely had time to notice it. I was kind of limping a bit.

When I got home I took my shoe and sock off and yes the toe is purple. It's the fourth toe in on my right foot.

I show Mrs. Pratt.

Me: "Look how bad this is.I think it's broken."



So what does she do next? POKES IT AGAIN!


Mrs. Pratt: "Does that hurt?"

I hobbled around the rest of the night. At 1am I heard a big noise downstairs. Greyton was in one of his "moods" and chasing around poor Twizzle for a bunny humpfest. There were making an awful racket. I go downstairs to break it up

*THWACK* stub the same toe on our rocking chair.

I really hope it doesn't fall off. I can do a great Long John Silver impression today with my leg feeling so lame. " leg....blind pew.Arrrrrrrrrrr."

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