Friday, April 15, 2005

Going Yard...

Every year the neighborhood association organizes a yard sale for all the houses on the block. It's grown in popularity each year and almost everyone on the block participates. It's a nice way to get rid of junk in your house and actually get outside and socialize with neighbors after being stuck inside all winter.

This year the yard sale is on Saturday morning from 8:30-1pm. Mrs. Pratt and I signed up. Now all we had to do was start cleaning out the house finding stuff to sell.

We went to the basement to play everybody's favorite game show :"Keep, Ditch, or Sell." (cue cheesy game show music)

And here's your host- Twitch Martindale.....

"Hello, thank you ...welcome to 'Keep, Ditch ,or Sell.' Let's meet our contestants...

He's a library guy with rabbits and blogs on the brain say hello to Pratt!

She's a lighthouse aficianado with a penchant for boozing it up and Duran Duran...say hello to Mrs. Pratt."

The game begins...

Me: "Sewing machine."
Mrs. Pratt: "Keep."

Me:"You haven't sewn anything or used it since 1998."
Mrs. Pratt: "I'll use it."
Me:"grrrrowl.I expect a hand tailored suit then."

Moving on...

Mrs. Pratt:"I want to use those this summer."
Me:"You haven't touched these since 1996."
Mrs. Pratt:"Keep."

Round 3...

Me: "5 Jigsaw puzzles. I think we lost some pieces. I say ditch ."
Mrs. Pratt: "Keep. I want to do those again."
Mrs. Pratt: "Someday."

Then we moved to the lightning round. It's where I wish lightning would just blast all the junk in our basement away and be done with it.

Me: "Cups? coffee mugs? sell. sell."
Mrs. Pratt:"Table? keep?"
Me: "We don't use it. sell."
Me: "Christmas decorations? ratty garland? Any relation to judy garland?"
Mrs. Pratt:Look of Death
Me: "Ha ha? ditch."

Me: "Baxter? Greyton? Twizzle and Princess?"
Mrs. Pratt: "You are mean. KEEP.Husband? Sell! Ditch!!"
Me: "I'm a bargain at any price.All my parts are in excellent condition."

Me: "Wine glasses and brandy glasses?"
Mrs. Pratt: "What? Sell glasses to hold alcohol? Are you crazy? Keep!"

We cobbled together enough odds and ends to set up the old card table tomorrow morning. If it's anything like last year ...I should have some interesting stories.

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