Saturday, April 09, 2005

Hello Dali pt.2.

About a month ago, we attempted to see the marvelous Dali exhibition at the Philadelphia Museum of Art but tickets were sold out the day we went.This morning we finally got our chance to see it.

Approaching the Art Museum steps, Dali's eyes watch you.

Walking up the front of the "rocky steps" to see a giant visage of Dali looking at you was a nice way to start the morning. Our reservations for the exhibit were at 10:30am . Mrs. Pratt and I arrived early and took our time walking around outside the museum.

Once inside, we went to the line where we were handed the recording devices to hear the curators explain the exhibit. The first chirpy voice I heard on the recording was a curator at the art museum who sounded exactly like C-3PO. No, honestly, he did. At any moment I fully expected him to burst forth with a "I say, Master Luke. The watches appear to be melting!" or "Goodness me.. Will Lando Calrisian be meeting Mr. Dali at the St. Regis Hotel for cocktails this evening R2?"

Another curator would show up occasionally and she sounded like Eleanor Roosevelt. Between the fey Brit and the gargly voice crone I was already entertained. Brit narrator guy also had a horrible habit. He persisited in repeating the word "renaissance" several times throughout the audio tour. What annoyed me was his pronounciation- he kept saying "ren-EH-sance" putting all the emphasis on the middle vowel.I wanted to reach for a two BY four and smash the recorder.

But thankfully they didn't hire a local Philly neighborhood goon to do the narration. It would sound something like "Yo! Youse guys are gonna think these "pitchers" are pretty good..right pally?e-a-g-l-e-s eaaaagles... Be right back I need a soft pretzel, a chesssteak wit' and a Yuengling..."(Pratt snaps out of surreal linguistic fantasy)

As we were about to enter the exhibit I heard a comment that makes blogs happy. This is an actual quote from a woman to her mother:

"I hope I enjoy the Dali paintings. I don't speak Spanish at all."

Yeah ponder that one for awhile.

The exhibit was truly amazing though. The paintings and drawings are gathered from around the world including items from private collections, so seeing some of these works was a rare treat.

It was a beautiful day out today. After the art museum visit we walked around Boathouse Row. Rowing on the Schuykill River has been a Philadelphia tradition for over 100 years. Rowing clubs have these houses on the river to store their boats. At night they are usually lit up.(The houses not the rowers!) Paths along the river are filled with people jogging, biking, roller blading and walking. One of the boathouses has a makeshift lighthouse attached to it. Guess where we went. Mrs. Pratt filled up on taking a bazillion pics of it.

Tomorrow it's off to Atlantic City to see Duran Duran again. Monday Bunday will be posted extra early Sunday afternoon.

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