Saturday, April 23, 2005

Invisible Man...

Mrs. Pratt is finishing her last major project to finish her MBA degree. It includes a 25 page paper and an in- class presentation. Her entire weekend will be devoted to this endeavour which means I have to be the invisible man.

When she is deep in scholarly thought, the last things she needs is Monkey Boy to be babbling about things like animated juice glasses. Rabbits are known for sometimes being underfoot, and one thing we learned about having them as pets is to always be conscious of where we walk. I'm the one being underfoot now.

I totally understand. I annoy her when she is on her laptop and I ask her to "check my blog!" By the 23rd time I ask her The Look of Death is active. This is usually when I'll go into the living room and start channel flipping...another pet peeve for her.
The constant changing soundtrack of the tv bothers her so I'm chased out of there.

I go up to my "library".The room where I keep my collection of miscellania and where I usually blog from. The soundtrack is usually something from the '80's which I am told I'm playing too damn loud.

Tomorrow I'll flop in a big overstuffed chair and read for a few hours. Being invisible is hard work.

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