Thursday, April 21, 2005

Missing Links...

Whenever I discover a cool blog , if it captures my interest for awhile I'll add it to my links. These are my daily reads. The pages I need to see get my blog fix. Not everybody updates daily like I do, but I still like to drop in on your pages on a regular basis.

But lately, a few of my links have stopped dead in their blog tracks.

I hate removing links once I throw them up there- but when the hiatus turns into more than a month I get worried. Do I send the person an email? Are you ok? Did the blogging urge vanish? Were your fingers broken and now you're unable to type? Creativity well dry?

But people have their reasons for ending a blog. Time,tasks,life. I miss the pages that fade away. Does any of the more experienced bloggers have any statistics on the lifespans of blog sites?

Ok so I'm rambling about fifty different thoughts. But I guess I'll have to do some housecleaning to clean up some links of pages that have faded and not coming back.

Now here is where you come in- I'm always looking for new blogs to discover. So tell me 3 Blogs I should know about. If I like them I'll add them to my links. What hidden web treasure would you like to rave about? I'm sure they'll appreciate the added exposure.

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