Monday, April 25, 2005

Monday Bunny-Senior Edition...

Today's Monday Bunday is devoted to Greyton and Princess Jewel. They are the elder bunnies in the household. Princess is almost 10 and Greyton is about 9. They are a little bit slower than active Baxter and Twizzle, but their maturity keeps the younger bunnies in line.

Snoozy Bunny Greyton. He loves his naps.

Greyton-flopped out with his paws crossed. He'll sit like this and keep an eye on the living room.

Greyton is a gentle soul who is the friendliest when interacting with the other rabbits. He's the Alpha Bunny of the house and reminds me of the character of BigWig from Richard Adams "Watership Down".

Princess Jewel. Each of the rabbits have their own personalities. Jewel has the devotion to us like a small dog. She gets extremely jealous when she hears us talking to the other bunnies and let's us know through growling sometimes. Once we understood her Princess behavior she has turned into one of the sweetest pets ever.

Princess Jewel's breed is half Dutch and half Dwarf. her blue eyes have always set her apart from other bunnies who usually have brown or pink eyes. Another sign of her Royal stature I guess. She can't jump up on the bed but we put her on there daily for petting and she usually flops out there when I read.

Princess Jewel declares this Monday Bunday to come to an end. Away Paparazzi!

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