Saturday, April 30, 2005

OK Computer!...

I finally replaced my home computer after 7 years. The old one saw a lot of wear and tear and endless bunny photos, but it was really just about to go up in a puff of smoke. The old one would make noises;loud whirring, coughing and wheezing. So we put it down. I'll miss you Old Yeller..I mean Hal.

Buying the new one started on Thursday night. Mrs. Pratt and I sauntered up to the Best Buy that's closest to us. Customer service there is hit or miss. Either 4 commission monkeys are hanging all over you like doughnuts on Kirstie Alley or all is quiet on the electronic front. Guess which scenario we got?

We were standing around the computer section after picking out the one we want looking around in vain for a human body.It was only 7pm.


So we bagged getting the new machine Thursday. Friday night we were off to another Best Buy - the first five minutes nobody was around then I ran into a spiky haired dude.I think his actual name was Dude.

But the kid knew what to do - and within 15 minutes we were on our way home with a new HP. I know... all you advanced computer gods out there will lash out that dude- I should have got a Dell. But the old computer was a couple of circuits away from being a fireball or thrown out the window by me.

The new one is speedy and nice and a bazillion quirks the old one had are not there.I can watch Dvd's which is a bonus so when Mrs. Pratt is immersed in the next 18 hour Trading Spaces marathon I can come upstairs and watch something from my collection.

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