Saturday, April 16, 2005

One Man's Trash...

The alarm clock went off at 7am.Mrs. Pratt was quite growly to be rising and shining so early on a Saturday morning.Today was the day of the neighborhood yard sale. We looked out the window onto the street - at 7:30 am there were cars circling the block slowly.

Mrs. Pratt:"People are just plain nuts."

We roused ourselves from a sleepy stupor and after 3 gallons of coffee were ready to unload the accumulated junk from our basement on the public. It was also a nice way to hang out with neighbors you don't get to see much. Next door the Nice Neighbors had an impressive display of used items. I kept eyeing the vhs version of the Star Wars trilogy while Mrs. Pratt gave me the stinkeye about buying more stuff when we are trying to be clutter free.

Mr. Nice Neighbor made a nice side business today with brisk sales of fresh popcorn to pedestrians.

It's Mr. Nice Neighbor- The Popcorn King of the Yard Sale.

We arranged all of our items and believe me we are so glad to see it leave the house. The plan is for us to finish our basement and put a kickass bar down there.But first we had to get rid of the ghosts of bad purchases past.

Presenting the ugliest glasses you could find anywhere...we sold them for 10 cents apiece.They look like Homer Simpson poured his nuclear waste in there.

Sales were good. A nice crowd came to the yard sale.55 houses participated. Our big ticket item was my old Sega Saturn game system and 7 games- $20. It wasn't until about noon that someone bought it.A lot of kids looked at it and wondered what it was. Suddenly I'm old timer Pratt- "Back in my day we didn't no fancy Playstation..."

A small selection of the wares we were selling today.

The saddest thing I parted with today was my old turntable. This was the record player I used all through the 80's. Mrs. P. bought me a combo turntable, cd,cassette player a few years ago so I can still listen to my 80's music. But that turntable got me through the decade and as I reminded Mrs. Pratt-played the music that wooed her back when we were dating. Well it wooed a lot of people. But time marches on...

Mrs. Pratt and I sold Ikea chairs,a coffee table,numerous mugs and glasses,we sold most of what we had put out.By 1pm all that was left was an old rusted trunk and Douglas Fir the demonic talking Xmas tree. We put a big sign that said FREE on them. Sure enough within an hour those disappeared too. Pratt-Mart was now closed.

There weren't too many oddball characters skulking about the yard sale. Several old ladies took forever to part with a thin dime for a coffee mug or candle holder. Mrs. Pratt walked up the street and at that opportunity I did buy the Star Wars tapes and a silly old Tom Hanks movie "Bachelor Party". Mrs. Pratt saw them in the house and let out a slight growl. I told her I was disappointed someone snatched up the copy of "Turner and Hooch".

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