Wednesday, April 06, 2005

One Year...

Today is one year since I started The Blog of Pratt. How it all began was getting an email from an old college friend who wrote some poetry and prose pieces on his own blogger site.

A few months before that I was trying to convince some of my old friends to do an online version of the old humor magazine we used to work for. Not much was happening in that department due to time and job commitments. But after ten years of basically hibernating I was itching to do something creative again.

I saw the "create your own blog" at the top of the page-and decided to give it a try.
As I was creating the page I came to Name of Blog: 'hmmmm..what to call it?' I had noticed some pages had clever titles ...'what to do what to do..oh well I'll think of something later' and typed The Blog of Pratt. I'm glad I did.

The first posts- awkward. Pretty bad. Baby steps.What were other blogs doing? How do they do this? Call it fate, karma,or dumb luck by circumstances I stumbled upon some writers of some very good journals and said hello.I don't know whether they took pity on me or what but a few took me under their wings and gave me a truckload of advice on how to do this whole online journal thing.

Mary Ann of Mary's Little Life spent hours trying to tell me how to improve my writing. Carrie of Ponder Ethereal helped me with design and taught me how multi-faceted this page could be.If ever this page had 2 bloggy godmothers it's them. By the end of April 2004 I was starting to find my voice and tell my tales.

Then the best part happened. I met you. I wasn't alone out there and so many voices around the world said hello back.I went to JournalCon last August and meeting dozens of other bloggers was wonderful. Sometimes a suburban life is a lonely one. Get Up -go to work- come home-wash rinse repeat. But I've been inspired and enjoyed the comments and conversation from you. From Hawaii to Washington to New England and all points in between you all mean so much to me.*sniffle*tear*

Years ago back at Hofstra I used to drive my friends on the campus newspaper crazy by cutting pictures out of the Daily News or NY Post or Newsday and then slapping them on a piece of paper with a goofy caption on it. My friend Dave once said I should make a living doing that.

Well Dave, this is the modern equivalent of my goofy piece of paper. I try to entertain you, my audience, and treat this like a daily dose of something good for you. The world is a scary place so I appreciate giving you a Monday Bunday or silly stories that happen to be my life. I plan on doing this for a long time.Please stick around for the ride.

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