Sunday, April 03, 2005

Rain and Sun...

I went up to New Hope,Pennsylvania this afternoon for a meeting of the blogs.It's always cool when you can connect with other local bloggers. I met my blog friend Gina on a day that was freezing cold and the rains continued.

We were lucky it happened. The roads into New Hope were being closed preventing traffic from going into town due to the water rising on the banks of the Delaware. But the place where it was determined to meet for blog lunch was still open. It was a fun lunch talking blog stuff -which pages are the best - who uses what-types of blogs.Gina was very cool. Afterwards we tried a trek into the town . New Hope has many eclectic shops.

But the town was closed! Shut down due to floods. Nothing was opened. So we marched back to the restaurant bar. For more blog talk and dessert.

It was a rainy ride home but having a sunny friendship with other online journalers makes up for it.

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