Saturday, April 30, 2005

Runaway Registry...

The big story in the news is Jennifer Wilbanks.She's the Duluth Georgia woman who disappeared earlier in the week a few days before her wedding.She at first claimed she was abducted on a night time jog but in reality freaked out about the wedding kept on running until she got to New Mexico before turning herself in.Maybe she thought New Mexico was another country.

The wedding was for 600 people with 14 bridesmaids. She has already been thrown 8 wedding showers. The wedding was supposed to happen today. A family spokesperson said in a new conference "It appears she has some issues."

Uh..No shit!

And her pastor said he is baffled as to why she fled.

Um...maybe because your pre-marriage counseling really really sucks????

Her whole community had spent the last few days searching for her. Her fiancee was named a suspect by police in her disappearance and had to take polygraph tests.

Jennifer turned up yesterday near Albuquerque, New Mexico(She must have got directions from Bugs Bunny) and now is back in Georgia to face the music(but not the Wedding March) there. She's got some "splainin' to do.

Everyone sing along..."I'm gonna wash that man right outta my hair...."

Now then, you don't think the Blog of Pratt would make any more fun of this horrible personal crisis?

Wrong. Mrs. Pratt came up with the idea to search for her wedding registry online:

Hey Folks! Here's her wedding registry courtesy of

I'm suprised that for 600 people not all the items were purchased from Macy's, Williams-Sonoma, and Pottery Barn. Someone did buy the Cheese dome and the wine caddy.

Ironically, a pressure cooker isn't on her wish list.

Oh well, good luck to the bride and groom! Or maybe the producers of The Bachelor should contact the jilted groom. I smell ratings!!!

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