Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Take Me Out to the Ball Game..

Mrs. Pratt and I concluded this whirlwind weekend of events with the home opener for the Philadelphia Phillies. Baseball games are something we really enjoy doing together and try to catch a few in person during the season. When we are at home the game is usually playing on our tv or a radio.

The horrendous rains of Saturday and Sunday cleared up and it was a sunny,albeit cool day. Our tickets for today's game were right behind home plate! Well..right behind home plate and 4 tiers up in section 419. Here was the view from our seats:

The pre-game ceremonies.A great view of the field and the city of Philadelphia skyline.

Another nice look at Philadelphia from the stadium.

The game was pretty exciting. This was the inaugeral game for the new Washington Nationals (formerly the Montreal Expos).The Phillies were swinging the bats and the final score was 8-4. It was a wonderful feeling sitting back with a giant hoagie and chips cheering and booing and keeping my eye out for anything blogworthy.

I wanted to get a program and a souvenir for Mrs. Pratt so when I descended the stairs of my section onto the concourse I saw a very recognizable figure hanging around the food stands.My blog dreams just came true.

Sometimes you never know who you might see at a baseball game.

Well why not? I mean he has all that time off until next December. But for now..Play ball!

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