Thursday, April 28, 2005

Take Your Daughter to Work Day- White House Edition

Today is Take Our Daughters and Sons to Work Day. Maybe where you work you'll see co-workers teaching their kids about what their career is all about. It's a fun educational experience.

Yet,The Blog of Pratt started wondering if President Bush also is participating by having the Bush twins help run the country. Here's how I imagine their daily schedule would be:

7am-Kegs and Eggs breakfast.

8am-Security Briefing with Ryan Seacrest.

9am-Meet with Congressional leaders. Gossip about what dorks they SO are!

10am-Walk Barney. Flirt with Secret Service.

11am- Devise comprehensive geo-political exit strategy for withdrawal of armed services in Iraq.

12pm- Lunch with G-7! Round of kamikaze shots!

1pm- Shoe shopping with Condi.

2pm- Clean up Red Bull spilled on Oval Office rug.

3pm- Reprogram Dad's Ipod to include 50 Cent and Clay Aiken.

4pm- Take helicopter to local Sephora.

5pm- Say goodnight to Dad.Head to Georgetwon bars for Happy Hour.

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