Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Thinking Caps On...

Here's another quiz for you courtesy of the Blog of Pratt. Today's topic is Gaming!
Whether it's the lure of Las Vegas or Atlantic City,lottery tickets or Bingo , test your knowledge on this pasttime.

1. The phrase Snake Eyes refers to___.

A. What happens when you get bad liquor.
B. Your student loan officer.
c. A bad roll of the dice at the crap table.
D. That person you went to your high school prom with.

2. If you won Powerball your motto would be___.

A. I've officially retired.
B. Share and Share Alike.
C. I'll donate to worthy charities.
D. So Long, Suckers!!

3. Poker is so popular these days! Which hand is the best one____.

A. Three of a kind.
B. Pair of Jacks.
C. Royal Flush.
D. I don't know I'm ambidextrous.

4. What horrible tragedy occured in Las Vegas___.

A. Roy Horn mauled by his tiger.
B. Celine Dion sings.
C. Really I had tickets for another show but dammit I got stuck with Celine Dion.
D. Please! Open the doors! Let me out!!! I don't want to hear her anymore! Help!

5. Atlantic City's street names can be found in what popular game____

A. Mystery Date
B. Clue
C. Monopoly
D. Grand Theft Auto

6. Lady Luck is ___

A. Based on the ancient Roman Goddess Fortuna.
B. A phrase uttered by hopeful gamblers
C. An annoying woman at the Renaissance Fair.
D. Working the "Hot Tomato Show Bar" for $20 bucks a lap dance.

7. Which event has the most astronomical odds of happening___

A. Red Sox repeat as World Series Champs.
B. Buffalo Bills will win the Super Bowl.
C. Randy Jackson goes a month without saying the word "DAWG"
D. Pratt writes something funny.

8. Which card game is popular in casinos___

A. Texas Hold'em.
B. Blackjack.
C. Go Fish
D. Strip Solitaire.

9. A big past time in casinos is___

A. Enjoying the comps for a free room.
B. dining at one of the large buffets.
C. Carbon dating the senior citizens to guess their age.
D. Watching people cry when they lose their mortgage payment.

10. Which is not a game of chance___

A. Roulette
B. Slots
C. Baccarat
D. Hooking up with Paris Hilton.

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