Friday, April 08, 2005

Top 12 Surprising Things Found in the Pope's Will...

12. Surfboard can be found in back of his clothes closet.

11. Revealed secret identity of The Batman to the world.

10. Instructions to cancel Spin magazine subscription.

9. Wore Hawaiian shirts under his robe all those years.

8. Had some really good seats for upcoming Springsteen tour.

7. Had 10 loan payments left on Popemobile.

6. Please invite to funeral Prince Rainier? what? damn.Johnnie Cochran? what? damn.Saul Bellow? what? damn..

5. Trophy from Nascar days located on bookcase.

4. Cancel reservations for The Olive Garden on Friday.

3. Return new khaki miter to The Gap.

2. Hates church organ music..Loves the kazoo.

1. Real Name: Duane

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