Thursday, April 28, 2005

Trash Talk...

Laaaaaadies and Gentlemen...welcome to the main event...In this corner weighing a Buck 80...wearing the khakis and button down shirt..King of the Rabbit Punches...Pratt! And in the other corner weighing probably 200 pounds and looking rather surly - The Crusher Custodian.


The Crusher enters the office.It's his usual 3pm visit which totally disrupts Pratt's workday.He's new and has been doing this for about 2 weeks now. He wheels in a massive trash can to empty the other cans into. Awkward conversation is attempted each day by him. He's always baffled why our trash cans are full of boxes and discarded books. It's been explained that our Acquisitions office gets all the mail,large boxes of new books and we generate a lot of trash from superceded filings and books to all the broken down cardboard from the boxes.

Crusher:"Who threw these books in here??This is trash. (Points to small can)This is recycling. "

Pratt:(explaining how our office works yet again)We just get so much trash we fill everything we can. I can ask my supervisor if you need us to get more recycle cans."

Crusher:"Why throw the books in here and not recycling.I have to sort it out it's a federal law." Vein in forehead appears. Hulk smash.

Pratt:"Like I said sir, we just have the bad luck of getting so much material we have no where else for it. We'll try to get different cans if you'd like or more recycle cans."

Crusher:"Don't give me attitude. I have to sort this."

Pratt:"It's not attitude. It's how the trash has been here for the last 15 years. We just have limited space and options. I'm sorry it's like that.My supervisor will be back tomorrow."


Pratt:"Uh...ok if you say so."

The Crusher lumbers out. Pratt wins this round!


If a custodian with a grudge puts my body parts in garbage bags I have an inkling they will be recyclable.

Stay Tuned for future bouts...

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