Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Live 8 comes to Philly...

Sir Bob Geldof,former Boomtown Rat,creator of Band Aid and organizer of the first Live Aid back in 1985, has announced a series of concerts to raise awareness for global poverty. Dubbed "Live 8", Concerts will be held in London, Paris, Rome, Berlin, and Philadelphia on July 2nd.


Ok about a bazillion people will show up at this free outdoor concert which will take place outside the Art Museum steps.

Anyone want to come visit for a cool concert?

Monday, May 30, 2005

Monday Bunday...

Nap time for Greyton.Twizzle keeps watch.

Princess Jewel manages a cute pose for you.

Baxter with some tasty basket snacks..She is feeling much better now and appreciated all the 'get well' comments.

Twizzle and Greyton. Best bunny buddies.

Sunday, May 29, 2005

Pratt-1 Yankees-0...

Mrs. Pratt and I were trying to decide what to do this weekend. There seems to be a whole lot going on in Philadelphia. First we debated visiting the Philadelphia Zoo. They have baby sea otters there. Sea otters are extremely cute. But we feared that the crush of the crowds on a holiday weekend would be too much.

Then we were thinking of dropping by the National Constitution Center to see one of the original copies of the Declaration of Independence.It's in town for the weekend thanks to Norman Lear. He purchased the famous copy from 1776 that was found in the back lining of an old painting bought for $4 at a yard sale then auctioned for millions. Lear loans it out to historical facilities every so often. But again we really didn't feel like dealing with traffic in the city.

We're saving all those headaches for 4th of July weekend. Yeah that will be big. Bacause on the 4th, Elton John is doing a free concert on the Ben Franklin Parkway which will draw thousands. And it was announced that Philadelphia will be the site of the American leg of Live Aid 2 "Live 8" on July 2nd.

Ok so with all those events on the back burner for now , we remembered that the James A. Michener Art Museum had a special exhibit dedicated to the Art of Warner Brothers Cartoons.

The museum was in nearby Doylestown,PA so it was a quick drive there.

Spending time with our favorite Bunny.

It really was cool to see the drawings and hard work put in by a variety of artists to make the masterpieces that are the Warner Brothers Cartoons. From pencil sketches to the finished cel paintings it was such a treat to see.

As joyful as spending an afternoon with Bugs Bunny was, upon leaving the museum the weirdness that always finds it way to me occured. We noticed that across the street on the grounds of the Mercer Museum there were tents set up- like an encampment. Mrs. Pratt cried out "Oh no!" and I exchanged painful looks with her. It was a big gathering of Civil War Reenactors.

Yes, I know it's Memorial Day weekend and we should honor our brave fighting men and women who sacrifice their lives for us in battle. I do, I really have a good dose of respect for the Greatest Generation and members of the armed services today.

And also I love history. Half the books I own are biography, I was a history major in college, I dig the History Channel sometimes.

But I can't stand 2 things- Renaissance fairs and Civil War reenactments.

People love to celebrate the Civil War but I find it kind of sad. The absolute best argument of how I feel is in an essay by Joe Queenan, written for the late,great Spy Magazine it's called The Civil War Sucks.

So despite the urge to laugh out loud at most of the people spending the weekend discussing Vicksburg and the machinations of Stonewall Jackson we couldn't pass up the opportunity to check it out."It's Blogging Gold!" I said.

We walked among the tents and interacted with the "troops" one was on a cellphone behind a tree,another had to run out to the parking lot- he left his bayonet in the Ford Explorer.The general alarm was sounded when an empty Diet Pepsi can was found sitting near the tents. Historical accuracy is a must.And now some pics:

"Why yes I do think Lincoln is one gnarly dude."

"And so I said to Johnny Reb, you sir, should be home watching NASCAR."

Here I am trying to scalp some tickets to Ford's Theater. I tried to tip them off about John Wilkes Booth but nooooooo....

We said goodbye to the Yankees and headed home.

Thursday, May 26, 2005

Bunny Health Update...

Baxter on the mend...she's taking her meds and although still in a little discomfort today- ate all her dinner last night.

Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Sick Bay Bunny...

Late last night I noticed Baxter was acting a bit funny. She kept running to her litter box and jumping out then when she was around me or in the room she would suddenly make a "I have to pee" motion and let out a little cry. We've seen this in rabbits before. Our former bunny Jay had bladder problems due to his old age but Baxter is only a 1 year old.

We are fortunate that the bunnies go to great vets who really know and understand rabbit health problems. Baxter went to the vet today and the diagnosis was she had Bladder sludge. It does happen sometimes and we caught it early. It's treatable. You can read more about it and I know you all want to.

You:"I can't watch those "American Idol" finals or the "Lost" cliffhanger...I have to read a good article on rabbit bladder sludge!"

Baxter got fluids and medicine and is doing ok back home. She ate a little and I'm trying to let her rest. I'll keep everybody posted on her condition. She loves fan mail you know.

Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Pratts and Cats...

We have so many photos of different things we saw in Key West I'll share some with you from time to time.
The Ernest Hemingway Home and Museum is a popular attraction. it's famous residents now include descendents of his polydactyl six toed cat. Here's a few photos...

The home of Ernest Hemingway in Key West.

The Hemingway house cats lounging.

Another peaceful day for "Pablo Picasso".

As we entered the bedroom "Archibald MacLeish" was taking his catnap on Ernest's bed! A favorite spot we are told.

Meet "Charlie Chaplin", the most photographed cat at the Hemingway House. Most of the cats are named for famous movie stars and writers.

This "drinking fountain" for the cats was once a urinal from the original Sloppy Joe's Bar(now Capt. Tony's).Ernest drunkenly brought it home one night. Mrs. Hemingway, shocked by such a thing in her backyard, had it tiled and put the water jug next to it to make it look proper. The cats may be wise to what this once was-they avoid drinking from it and catch the water trickling from the jug.

This tabby stuck her tongue out at us. I believe this is "Amadea".

Top 12 Things seen at Tony the Tiger's Funeral...

12. Count Chocula and Frankenberry announce they are summering in the Hamptons.

11. Toucan Sam confesses he's Asian bird flu positive.

10. Snap and Crackle have an intervention with Pop.

9. Quisp and Quake reunite after long estrangement.

8. Prozac handed out to Sonny the Cuckoo Bird.

7. Corn Flakes Rooster asks Kellogg execs for Tony's old office.

6. Cap'n Crunch offers burial at sea.

5. Honeycomb Hide-out announced to be site of funeral brunch.

4. Silly rabbit! Trix Rabbit's eulogy is for kids!

3. Barney Rubble disguises himself as mortician in elaborate scheme to get Fred's Fruity Pebbles.

2. Pallbearers include Keebler's elves.

1. Solemnity of burial ruined by shouts of "Dig 'em! Dig'em!"

He's Grrrrrrrrreeeat!...

Thurl Ravenscroft, whose baritone voice was known as the voice of Tony the Tiger for fifty years telling the world about Kellogg's Frosted Flakes "They're Grrreeeat!"and the singer of the very popular Christmas song "You're a Mean One Mr. Grinch" has died at 91.

He was also a voice actor in neumerous Disney films and one of my favorites Kirby the Vacuum Cleaner in "The Brave Little Toaster".

Monday, May 23, 2005

Howard Morris...

Howard Morris,a familiar face and voice to television and film for the last 50 years has died at the age of 85.

Most tv fans would know him as hillbilly Ernest T. Bass from "The Andy Griffith Show". Ernest T. had a penchant for throwing rocks and reciting poetry to make Barney Fife mad.I would not be surprised if TVLand did a special night of programs featuring the best of Ernest T.

Morris got his start on tv along with Carl Reiner on Sid Caesar's "Your Show of Shows". My favortie performance by him is in a parody of the old "This is your Life" tv show. Sid is the man whose old friends and family are there to see him and Morris plays long lost "Uncle Goopy" crying every time he sees Sid and holding on to him for dear life. This bit is dragged out for almost 15 minutes and truly a wonderful moment from television's Golden Age.You can see that clip here

But Morris was gifted behind the camera as well. He was the voice of many a cartoon character for Hanna Barbera including Atom Ant,Breezly Bruin, Mr. Peebles,and parts on the Jetsons and The Flintstones.He was also the voice of many of the Groovy Ghoulies, Jughead,Moose and Dilton Doiley on the Archies for Filmation Studios in the 1970's.

His small roles in Jerry Lewis's The Nutty Professor(1963) and Way Way Out (1966) are also a joy to watch. Morris later contributed to some films of Mel Brooks like "High Anxiety" and "History of the World pt. 1."

His various work lives on now in reruns and that memorable voice will continue to entertain audiences for years to come.

Monday Bunday...

Greyton helps us unpack!

Greyton agrees on the message on this new t-shirt. How true.

Princess says,"It's about time you peasants got back from your vacation...I hope you claimed lands for my royal kingdom."

Baxter just woke up from a nice nap.She is happy we are home again too.

Twizzle on his beach blanket at home. Hay and a straw hat to munch on. Paradise for him!

Special Guest Star Bunny! Meet a bunny who resides at the Southernmost House in Key West. Several of them live on the property.

Greyton reads up on his future plans.

Sunday, May 22, 2005

Pop Culture Round-Up...

I go away for a week and return to sad news that Frank Gorshin died. Gorshin will forever be known in pop culture history as The Riddler from the 1960's Batman tv show with Adam West.

His manic portrayal of The Riddler, Batman's taunting foe with the question marks all over those green pajamas and his phrase "Riddle me this..." won him an Emmy Award nomination in 1966. He received another for playing Commisioner Bele in the 1969 Star Trek episode "Let this Be your Last Battlefield".

A gifted mimic, Gorshin threw his manic energy in his stage appearances and did an amazing Burt Lancaster and Kirk Douglas impression among other Hollywood greats. In the last few years he toured as George Burns in a one man show "Say Goodnight Gracie".

But to pop culture fans- The Riddler and that manic laugh- that high pitch titter turned the character into a popular villian who remains a big threat in the latest round of Batman comic books.The characterization today still stems from what Gorshin did with the role almost 40 years ago. Not bad.

Also get well wishes are needed to everybody's favorite Little Buddy- Bob Denver had heart bypass surgery this week. Yeah it's weird realizing that Gilligan is now 70! I hope he has a speedy recovery.

Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner...

Yesterday was the journey home from Key West. Due to some wonderful last minute travel changes by AirTran we found ourselves having breakfast in Key West, lunch in Ft. Lauderdale and dinner in Atlanta.

Breakfast was nice- sitting poolside of the Weatherstation Inn which is where we stayed.I heartily recommend this place to any future visitor there. The house was comfortable and quiet , the staff gracious (including the cat Shady)

Shady, resident cat of the Weatherstation Inn.

and it's so close to Duval and the main action of Old Town.

We had time for one final walk down Duval St. and last minute souvenir shopping before heading to the airport.Next stop was a connecting flight to Ft. Lauderdale.Our options were pretty much lunch at Chili's there.

Three hours later we had to stop in Atlanta to catch our final flight to Philadelphia.As we were grabbing a bit at an Atlanta Bread Company the sun was starting to set over the airport. Mrs. Pratt agreed with me it wasn't as exhilirating as the sunsets in Key West.

We landed in Philly around 1:30 and after getting the luggage and picking up Prattmobile we stumbled through our front door at 2:30am.

The Bunnies were happy to see us. Princess and Baxter espcially They kept licking my hand and making happy bunny clucking noises.. Twizzle was freaked out and was skittish of us the first half hour. Greyton was flopped out and didn't budge much just a "Oh it's you guys.." look. He followed me to the fridge and got a late night carrot snack.

Saturday, May 21, 2005

Postcards from Paradise Pt.5...

Our last full day In Key West started out with a walk down past the Southernmost point and to the Southernmost House. The other two visits to the island- this palatial home was under reconstruction and becoming a luxury hotel.

We walked around a bit o check out the beautiful tile work. I told Mrs. Pratt a joke about tile. Why are men like a tile floor? Lay them right and you can walk all over it for 30 years. Yes, I got the Look of Death from her. That didn't take a vacation.

Several bartenders and bar dwellers had mentioned to us that at this hotel in the back decks where there is a lovely pool and bar- rabbits run around.


Sure enough, as we were looking around we saw a white and brown little rabbit scoot across the courtyard and over to a little house where there was some food for him.

yes we got photos- sorry i couldn't include any yet in the posts.

It made me homesick for our bunnies- I got a call from our rabbit sitter and happy to report Greyton and the gang are all behaving themselves.

We walked up Duval St. to a new attraction The Key West Butterfly Conservatory. It's a greenhouse environment and hundreds of butterflys are uh..fluttering by.

Lunch yesterday was at one of the best places to get Key Lime Pie. It's called Alice's. No Arlo Guthrie wasn't around- it's a different Alice's restaurant.

After lunch Mrs. Pratt paid a visit to the famous Key West cememtary. It features unique epitaths on tombstones like the one that reads "I told you I was sick".
I paid a visit to several drinking establishments and found myself in a very liquid way by late afternoon.

We met up again for the final sunset which was the best of the week. The night and our vacation concluded with a dinner and more beverages at Sloppy Joe's. Our favorite local performers Pete and Wayne were there. I'm shocked I'm no more hungover today but I feel great, refreshed and ready to go home.

Friday, May 20, 2005

Postcards from Paradise Pt.4...

Shady is the resident of the guesthouse we are staying in. She is a gray tabby and very friendly to all the visitors. When I get back I promise everyone some cute pics of her. She helped us out Thursday morning.

Wednesday night was another night of several "beverages" and we weaved back to the property talking about what we were planning for Thursday. We were doing an all day boat trip to the Dry Tortugas. There is an old Civil War-era fort there and of course a lighthouse *sigh*. But also there is a fantatstic beach to do some snorkeling.

The downside is we had to get up at 6am. 6....A...frickin' M.

We were discussing the early rising time when we came across Shady, lounging about near the stairs. Shady must have been listening to us talk about the early start because then the weirdest thing happened.

She came to our room and woke us up.

Seriously, all week we haven't seen her early but Thursday early morning about 4am we heard "mrow meow meowmeeeeeow" outside our window from the deck. I opened the blinds and Shady is there looking at me "MEOW!"

I thought cats only did night time serenading in cartoons. I told Shady to come back at 6am to wake us up and shut the blinds.

6AM- on the dot...a few minutes before the alarm clock we set went off..

"MROW meow meow meow meow!!" I open the window Shady is there with a sly smile..and scampers away.

Shady giving us the 6am wake-up concert.

It's one more thing that adds to the wonderful weirdness that is Key West.

The day was a long one for us. The boat left at 7:30 and arrived on Garden Key at 10:30. We then had the time to go explore the island, the fort, and snorkel until 2:45. The boat ride back was through some choppy waters and we bounced around a bit. I never get seasick neither does Mrs. Pratt so we had a great adventure.

There was a bar on the boat and after one set of bumpy waves the plastic blender cup started flying off the bar. A guy grabbed it in mid air and saved a whole lot of Margaritas. Our hero. He got an ovation from the boat.

The night time excursion into Old Town Key West included stops at several other drinking establishments including the original site of Sloppy Joe's - now called "Capt. Tony's". This is a really fun bar filled with business cards tackd up everywhere on the walls and ...um bras hanging from the rafters. Mrs. Pratt stayed intact but I added a Blog of Pratt business card to the collection.

A guitar player was playing some classic rock around a crowd of very very very very drunk people (Um we were just on our first beers then) Guitar guy played "50 ways to leave your lover" by Paul Simon. A macho swaggering doofus next to us started bragging.

Macho swaggering doofus: "I caught Simon and Garfunkel Live at the Hollywood Bowl a few years ago.They Fuckin' ROCKED!"

There were two drunk women nearby with husbands in tow.

Drunk woman#1: I am soooo wasted.

Drunk women#2: So am I. We need more tequila then."

She then tried to do a sexy dance for her husband while guitar guy was playing Neil Young's "Old Man". Yeeks!

Macho swaggering doofus just kept mumbling to his buddies- "They fuckin' rocked...."

We had a few rounds and headed back to the hotel.That night just fuckin' rocked.

Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Postcards from paradise Pt.3...

Our adventures continue...We woke up Tuesday morning and wandered over to see the Little White House in truman Annex. Harry Truman spent 175 days of his presidency here in Key West and the home he stayed in is now a museum and restroed to what it was like in the late 1940's.
The tour guide was a great storyteller and we both enjoyed his guided narration.

After that we decided to take a glass bottom boat out to the coral reef. The weather was a little cloudy but we saw so many beautiful tropical fish it was a great way to spend the afternoon.

Bumming around town we went to lunch at a restaurant called Turtle Kraals and on the way back Mrs. Pratt discovered the Key West Winery. We did a wine tasting and bought a few bottles.What? do you think Mrs. Pratt can survive a week without her wine? They even had a CARROT WINE! Greyton would be pleased.

Then Mrs. Pratt and I split up for the afternoon- she needed a nap and I walked around town exploring. By the time I got to the 5th bar...no don't woryy I was still quite sober...we met up again and wandered over to Mallory Square for the Sunset Celebration.

Every day at sunset hundreds of people gather to watch the sun set in paradise. Arts and crafts people sell their wares and amazing street theater is seen. Check out the performers on the links. We saw the amazing Will Soto along with D.W. Swordsmaster and the Rick and Jan Variety Show where a basset hound leaped through hoops.

it's a great way to kick off partying for the night. Dinner found us at El meson de Pepe one of the best Cuban restaurants in Key West.

Walking up Duval St. Mrs. Pratt wanted something a lot of women are wearing down here. Decorative straw cowboy hats...It looks cute on her and not like she's going to start a rodeo or something.

Mrs. Pratt and her new cowgirl hat.Yeeehaw!

The evening ended with a Key West tradition. Seeing the drag show at 801 Bourbon. If you ever saw the movie "The Birdcage" it's like that. The "ladies" were FABUUUUUUUUUUUUULOUS! as they would say.

After the show we stumbled back to the hotel....to be continued...

Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Postcards from Paradise Pt.2...

We woke up refreshed on Monday morning and the first place Mrs. Pratt was eager to return to was the Key West Lighthouse. Across the street from it was the Hemmingway House where Ernest Hemmingway lived for 9 years. The last time we were at the Hemmingway home it was right before Hurricane Georges and the most famous residents were nowhere to be seen. these were the numerous cats that populate the property. They are all descended from a six toed cat the Ernest Hemmingway had.

Mrs. Pratt and I got a lot of photos of them which I put on the blog at a future date. We had wandered to digfferent sections of the garden when Mrs. Pratt was standing under a balcony . Unfortunately she looked up and saw a horrific sight.

It was a 220 pound drag queen in sparkly gold shoes - a SHORT dress - shoulders like a member of the NFL and a blonde wig that was somewhere between Dolly Parton and a squirrel's nest.

Key West is known for its unique gathering of people. I had seen Miss THING stomping about the grounds earlier and when we met up Mrs. Pratt was almost catatonic explaining how she looked up and saw him- her - whatever...

"Pink....thong...." were the only words she was able to choke out.

We needed booze. Lots of it.

After an afternoon at the pool of our bed and breakfast we began our Duval St. Bar Crawl. We stopped at one bar called Fogarty's. Do you see the frozen drink menu?

Yes, we sampled a few.

No, I did not end up in jail.

Yes, my head hurt this morning.

No, I did not get sick.

Yes, I intend on doing that every night this week.

More Postcards from us tomorrow...

Postcards from Paradise Pt.1...

90 miles from Cuba and 1365 miles from the Prattcave ..I'm coming to you from an internet cafe in Key West Florida. Mrs. Pratt and I are in paradise for a week.

I may be on vacation but the Blog must go on. So this week when I can steal a few minutes away I'll let you know what weirdness comes my way. It usually does you know.

I wasn't disappointed due oto our first day flying here. First stop was to Ft. Lauderdale,Florida. Passengers on the plane included a party of 36 people who were meeting a cruise ship- a couple was getting married and 34 of their relatives and friends were accompanying them on the honeymoon cruise. YICK.

The flight attendents included a big toothy woman who upon seeing a guy wearing a "Party Girls Like Me" t-shirt said she liked Party Guys so he was in luck. The other flight attendent was a dead ringer for former MTV 120 minutes host Matt Pinfield. Halfway through the flight we noticed he was holding hands with a lady a few rows up and actually doing the old "This is your love line..this is your life line" routine with her palm. Mrs. Pratt found this hillarious and we were waiting for him to ask her sign next. Groovy.

Behind us sat a girl I dubbed "Air-head" she was a teenager travelling with her parents and asked questions like when we were about to make our descent..."Did the plane come to a stop?"

Her father replied calmy ,"No dear. We would plummet to the earth. the jet keeps moving until we land."

"Sometimes the blogs write themselves." ,Mrs. Pratt said to me.

We took a 16 seat plane from Ft. Lauderdale to Key west. A slight delay due to "weight and balance issues" . We got to Key west and the stand -in for Lowelll from "Wings" informed us that they didn't put any of our luggage on the plane. 16 angry people were at the ticket counter. We were reassured we would get our bags within 24 hours.

Mrs. Pratt gloated that she was prepared and had a change of clothes in her carry-on. About 5 times she did this. gah.We didn't argue though we had a perfect sunset to watch.

We made the most of it- and had a few drinks at Sloppy Joe's the first night. The bags did arrive and we went soundly to sleep Sunday night. But I wondered what the rabbits were up to.

Monday, May 16, 2005

Monday Bunday

Lettuce Face Twizzle!

A little shadowy but handsome Mr. Greyton.

Elvis Parsley

Saturday, May 14, 2005

The Graduate...

After many years of working full time during the day and going to school at night, Mrs. Pratt graduated with her Masters of Business Administration.

We had to get up at 6am - the ceremony was starting at 8:30. She looked great in her cap and gown. Although the lighting was really bad where they held the ceremony I got a few good shots of her in the procession.

The graduate.
Mrs. Pratt.

After she got her diploma, we headed off to a restaurant on the Philadelphia waterfront called Moshulu.

This is where we ate lunch today.

Moshulu is an old ship that has been refurbished to become this elegant restaurant. the food was outstanding. Mrs. Pratt had some wine to celebrate of course!

I am so proud of Mrs. Pratt finally achieving this goal. Time to celebrate in the Florida Keys.

Friday, May 13, 2005

Friday Bunday???

Thursday, May 12, 2005

A Tale of Two Ambers...

One of the best results of creating this blog has been making new friends from around the world. Occasionally I like to mention other blogs that inspire me or that I really enjoy reading.

Today's post is a shout out to two regular readers who comment and have wonderful pages of their own.

They are both named Amber. Up until last year I never knew anyone named Amber. Now these two usually send a daily hello my way via the blog comments and have turned out to become F.O.P.'s- Friends of Pratt.

We have East Coast Amber and West Coast Amber. Take a bow ladies. I have to call them that because if I am telling a story about something on their blogs to Mrs. Pratt, the abundence of Ambers gets confusing..so I started calling them East Coast and West Coast Amber.

You both have a great sense of humor in your writing. Your blogs keep improving over the many months. I hope one day that west coast meets east coast, maybe at JournalCon 2005.

But I appreciate your friendship and readership. I hope the Two Ambers say hello to each other sometime.

Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Show down...

Philadelphia is a vibrant cultural city and there are many theater groups in town presenting unique stage experiences for the public.

Two independent companies Brat Productions and Tapestry Theatre were scheduled to perform a version of the musical "Grease" with an all female cast. No big deal right? Of course not.

The lawyers for Samuel French Inc. the play's licensing agent has sent a cease and desist to the production saying that the all female cast is not approved.Even under the additional premise that a girl's high school was staging the show. They want to close the production down. They apparantly suffer from cranial-rectum disease and have their heads up their ass.

If the issue cannot be settled the theatre troupe will gamely stage a talent show called "Grease and Desist".

I'm rooting for the women to prevail in this case. I think society will still be able to function just because women want to play the T-Birds.

Tuesday, May 10, 2005

More Tales from Key West Past...

This journey to Key West will be the third time there for me and Mrs. Pratt. Five years ago, a month before my heart surgery, I had decided to go there for a week of partying just in case things didn't turn out so well on the operating table.

You see,when your doctor tells you to "put your affairs in order and write a will", and your family asks you where you want to be buried...yeah I think 7 days of Jack Daniels,Coronas and Rum drinks and bikinis was what I needed.

The first time we went though was back in September of 1998. It was our 5 year wedding anniversary and we were trying to decide whether to go back to where we honeymooned (Virginia Beach) or someplace more exotic. Heads VA Beach- Tails Key West.We flipped a coin.

I think it landed on the Tails side because the hurricane winds were starting.

That's right folks, Mrs. Pratt and I kind of neglected to be aware of hurricane season- but what was there to be worried about? A hurricane hadn't hit Key West directly in 70 years.

Oh you know where the story is going don't you.

Our first few days were pretty amazing- we saw the Hemmingway House and the Lighthouse(of course) and sipped many a cool beverage in many a cool bar.

Then people began boarding up the town. And the rental cars were all gone.
And the island was being evacuated. The airport closed.

Hurricane Georges had a bead on Key West. You know it's bad when the bars all have the Weather Channel on tv and not ESPN. There is a church with a special grotto built by a nun who said if you light a candle key west will be spared from storms. We passed by as news of impending bad weather was circulating. the grotto was stacked with candles . It looked like Strom Thurmond's birthday cake...if he shared it with Bob Hope...and George Burns.

The storm raged through the island and even though I think it was a Category 1 we stayed safe and dry in our inn. Our hosts let one of their cats bunk with us, an elderly feline named Cleo. She was great company and remained calm for most of it. You know that old saw "if the animal freaks out the storm is bad.."Cleo was content to sleep on the bed through most of the racket of the hurricane(it did sound like freight trains passing by - for 12 hours straight)

In the morning the debris in the streets and damage to homes was everywhere. Power was out.Water was out- and so were the telephones. But I walked around the back of the bed and breakfast where they had a pay phone - I picked it up and to my amazement heard a dial tone.

I called my parents who watched the storm courtesy of CNN and the Weather Channel and were promptly having kittens worried about us. The next 2 days we helped clean up debris on the property -we owed our innkeepers for taking care of us so helped them in return.

Pt. 2 of the story is waaaay back in my archives which I doubt most have you have never ventured...it's worth reading how we escaped the Island. It is the single most strangest event to ever occur in my life. Whet your appetite?

Top 12 Problems Jesus Had at the DMV...

A news story making the rounds this morning is about a man who changed his name to Jesus Christ and is having trouble getting his driver's license in West Virginia.

Here at the Blog of Pratt are the Top 12 other problems that may occur for J.C. at the DMV.

12. Does height include halo?

11. Special test needed for Popemobile license.

10. Stuck in line behind big gabby gasbag Pat Robertson.

9. Hands must be kept at 10 and 2 not 3 and 9.

8. December 25th- Year Zero not valid birthdate.

7. Turning wiper fluid into wine does not impress driving instructor.

6. Written test not offered in Aramaic.

5. Heavenly aura really washes out the photo.

4. Forgot to put middle initial "H." on information form.

3. Healing run over traffic cones doesn't add to test score.

2. Horn that sounds "Faith of our Fathers" not street legal.

1. Vanity plate that reads "Sav-Yor" denied.

Pack All My Troubles...

It's been five years since our last visit but Mrs. Pratt and I are returning to Key West next week. I really need this vacation....uh really.

Don't worry, the bunnies will be well taken care of by their usual house sitter/bunny sitter. They get along well with her and are always happy when she visits.

May I ask all you ladies out there something? When you go on a trip- do you tote all 18 bottles of your shampoos and conditioners along with you? Do you wait and just buy something once you are at the destination? Or use what's provided at the hotel?

Every vacation Mrs. Pratt starts assembling the Legion of Super Shampoos. There's the shampoo...and the conditioner...and the conditioning shampoo...and the face wash, the body wash and the bodyface conditioner wash in shampoo form.

Basically Proctor and Gamble are living in my suitcase

She looks at me with that sad gaze that my Y chromosome can't comprehend the necessity of all this.

Now honestly,I'm thrilled she takes such pride in her appearance and wants to be squeaky clean. But then the suitcase fears set in...the stuff opens up on the clothes. *SPLORT*

She claims that they are secured and bagged and wrapped in plastic but I still have the vacation trauma of a couple of shirts and pants sopping with shampoo when I arrived at a hotel once.

So every trip we take I try to bargain with her beauty regimen.

Me: "How about 1 shampoo and 1 conditioner..."

Mrs. Pratt: "Nope. I'm taking everything."

Me:"You don't want to compromise?"

Mrs. Pratt:"No. You are making fun of me in the blog about this so this is payback. It's all coming. Besides you'll be lugging your big tube of SPF 450 sun tan lotion."

Me: "Well that's different..I don't tan..I sunstroke."

She's staying tough and sticking to her...curling iron.

To Be continued...

Monday, May 09, 2005

Monday Bunday...

It's Monday Bunday again! Hello from Ms. Baxter.

Twizzle relaxing on his blanket.

Look I'm not ready for my close-up now..give me a few minutes...

Blue eyed Princess is a little sleepy for the camera.

A very debonair Mr. Twizzle.

Baxter is growing up to be quite the little lady.More dates with Greyton and Twizzle will happen soon.

Greyton loves the camera. "Ok I'm ready now for my adoring public!"

Sunday, May 08, 2005

Momma Mia...

Happy Mother's Day to all moms out there whether past present or future. Yes of course I called my mother today...and I sent her flowers and a card.

The bunnies got Mrs. Pratt a card. I mean for all the times she buys lettuce and pellets and hay? Homage must be given!

We got my mother-in- law a camera to take with her to Scotland. Mrs. Pratt and her are headed over to Europe in June for 2 weeks. I'm staying home tending to the rabbits and have asked to be brought back a Loch Ness Monster.

Now Mrs. Pratt isn't a mom herself. Kids really aren't in our future due to a variety of reasons.Yeah we get the odd looks now and then when we tell people we've been married for over eleven years and no children. My adopted offspring have twitchy noses and a penchant for carrots.We are very happy with that.

So have a Happy Mother's Day whatever your circumstances. I have to speak to Greyton about giving Mrs. Pratt a bouquet of parsley.

Saturday, May 07, 2005


Greyton's Nose... I found this photo while I was transfering all my old pics and files from my old computer to the new one.It took me all day to download files on cd and move them. There are some really nice treasures amongst the bunny photos.

A few friends love the twitchy bunny nose..here's a close-up of Mr. Greyton's.

Friday, May 06, 2005

Top 12 Things that could go wrong at the Time Travelers Conference...

A student at MIT is hosting a Time Travelers Conference. He's serious. He wants people from the future to show up.

The Blog of Pratt has postulated the Top 12 things that could go wrong at this event...

12. Too many tequila shots with great great grandfather.He dies of alcohol poisoning . You get wiped from existence.

11. Awkward silence between Dr. Emmett Brown and Dr. Tony Newman.

10. Paris Hilton of 2055 shows up to get picture taken on red carpet.

9. Party gets boring- everyone decides to go stop Booth from shooting Lincoln.

8. Alternate Universe Conference next door asks you to keep the noise down.

7. San Dimas High School Football Rules!!!

6. Dr. Zaius interrupts proceedings to remind crowd that "Ape shall not kill Ape".

5. Everyone wins Powerball the day of the conference.Total payout $3 each.

4. Biff drives his car into manure!waaaa..waaaah.

3. Terminator android reprogrammed to destroy Clay Aiken. Nobody minds.

2. Visitors from future show you your obituary notice-laugh at you freaking out.

1. Flying DeLorean breaks down on beer run.

Lois Lame...


Erin Elmore,the Morticia Hilton of the latest season of the Apprentice has spun her 15 minutes of fame into a features reporting gig in Jacksonville,Florida.

Once billing herself as a high powered attorney she is a low watt presence on the morning news.

She even has a reporting Blog on her tv station's website!

Enjoy some of her fine work.

Thursday, May 05, 2005

Just One More Thing...

Another meme to end the week.I saw these questions on Petrouchka's page.

My uncle once: Hmmm. I don't have many uncles. I'm an uncle to 14 nieces and nephews. One of them has a blog!

Never in my life: have I skydived or skiied.

When I was five: the Beatles broke up.

High School was: a whirlwind of activity and I enjoyed it a lot. I got good grades.I came out of my shell, and hung out in the coolest art class with the most interesting people(topic for a future blog.)

I will never forget: geting my driver's license. graduating...and um..something else...

I once met: An Oompah Loompah, Gilbert Gottfried, A Penthouse Pet.

There’s this girl I know who: has no gag reflex.

Once, at a bar: I saw a gambler who had bet all this money on a Monday Night Football game. All the NY Giants had to do was kick an easy 25 yrd. field goal and this guy was winning hundreds of dollars. He even had the bartender set up shots for everyone as they lined up for the kick. The kicker muffed it. The man was punding the bar screaming NO!!!!! and crying.

By noon I’m usually: eating lunch and reading my friends' blogs.

Last night: I slept funny.My shoulder hurts.

Next time I go to church I: will probably get struck by lightning.

Terry Schiavo: was married longer than Jennifer Wilbanks.

When I turn my head left, I see: A little bunny rabbit named Baxter running from one room to the next.

When I turn my head right, I see: A window and looking out to my back yard and beyond..Far off in the distance the light from the local Ikea shines.

You know I’m lying when: I say how much I enjoy Lighthouses.

What I miss most about the eighties: WLIR/WDRE- greatest radio station ever.

If I was a character written by Shakespeare, I’d be: Yorick

By this time next year: I will be still writing this page.

A better name for me would be: Hmmm help me out on this..

I have a hard time understanding: Dave Matthews. "mumblemumblemumble mumble..crash..into me"...Dammit davy - Open your mouth and sing! E-Nun-Ci-Ate!

If I ever go back to school I’ll: try to graduate on time.

You know I like you if: I share my snark with you.

If I won an award, the first person I’d thank would be: I never win awards.

Darwin, Mozart, Slim Pickens, and Geraldine Ferraro: If an ape wore a blonde wig saying yeehaw while riding a nuke like a bronco to the music of the Magic Flute that would be the combination.

Take my advice, never: play nude volleyball in a cactus patch.

My ideal breakfast is: Two eggs scrambled,GALLONS of Coffee,Toast, Cereal in a Looky bowl.

A song I love, but do not have is: "September Song" by Lou Reed, off the "Lost in the Stars" Kurt Weill tribute cd. It's rare.

If you visit my hometown, I suggest: Visit the Erie County Fair in August!Styx and Reo Speedwagon in concert August 19th! (scary shudder down spine)

Tulips, character flaws, microchips, and track stars: Blooming flowers,blooming idiots,blooming technology, zoom zoom zoom.

Why won’t anyone: Convict Michael Jackson already..or get him some psychiatric help.

If you spend the night at my house, don’t: Step on the bunnies!

I’d stop my wedding for: too late.

The world could do without: Reality TV.Now hush! "The Apprentice" is on!

I’d rather lick the belly of a cockroach than: go to the hospital again.

My favorite blonde is:Mrs.Pratt, Jenny McCarthy , Marilyn Monroe,Victoria Zdrok, Amber:the babe behind luckypink.

Paper clips are more useful than:Oh No- Not that damn talking paper clip icon that windows used to have? remember him? Clippy? I hate that damned paper clip! HATE!!!!(takes medication) oh uh sorry..I'm puppies and rainbows now.Have a yummy sunny day.

If I do anything well, it’s: make people laugh.

The last time I was drunk, I: learned that 8 raspberry kamikazes leaves a nasty hangover.

And, by the way: I'm here for 2 shows nightly! Thank you! You've been a wonderful audience. Drive safely!

Let's Do the Time Warp Again...

It's meme day...as I jump on the temproal bandwagon with...

25 Years Ago...It was 1980 and I was about to enter the 10th grade. My life wouldn't take a dramatic turn until the following year when I met 3 of my best friends and got a job at as a roller rink disc jockey.

20 Years Ago...Ok now it's time for all of you to have a really good laugh.Here is a photo of me from 1986.

Super Geek! Super Geek! I'm super geeky...yow!

Recently discovered by my old friend Kim who found my blog a few months ago. Everybody- Kim..Kim- everybody.She gave me permission to use this photo.
Notice the dead badger on my head. Well that's how us crazy New Wave lovin' kids wore our hair:long in front super short in the back and sides.My glasses are huge and should say Coca-Cola on them. That pic was taken at Hofstra University where I was a denizen for the decade of the 1980's.

15 Years Ago...1990....I had begun my first real job working for Hofstra's library. This was also the year I met the future Mrs. Pratt.

10 Years Ago...1995. I was now married to Mrs. Pratt, working at my current job, moving into a new apartment which I still miss occasionally( It was on the top floor of the building and overlooked the pool) We didn't own any bunnies yet. They didn't start appearing until 1997.

5 Years Ago...2000 was a bad year. I lost some of my grandparents. I had been diagnosed with aortic regurgitation and was due to have open heart surgery in a month. I was writing my Will. Seriously. We had Greyton,Princess and Feather as rabbits.

3 Years Ago...Mrs. Pratt were still setting up our new house:The Prattcave. I was finishing my degree from Villanova. We vacationed in Virginia Beach and Ocean City Maryland. Greyton, Princess and Feather were joined by new bunny Jay.

Last Year...I began the Blog of Pratt. Made some amazing new friends. Reconnected with some old friends. Spent time on Florida Beaches. Had a great time at JournalCon2004. We lost Feather due to kidney failure. Twizzle was added to the household and so was Baxter. Greyton and Twizzle bonded.

Yesterday...all my troubles seemed so far away...oh sorry...was singing there for a moment..uh yesterday was a typical work 9-5 then read blogs and say hi to friends online...feed the bunnies.Help Mrs. Pratt celebrate her final MBA class.

Today...An extremely busy morning at work. I didn't get a cup of coffee until almost noon!*gasp* I'll work until 5pm then pizza for dinner and Mrs. Pratt and I will watch The Apprentice.

Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Farewell Zipperhead...

Ever hear the classic punk song "Punk Rock Girl" by the Dead Milkmen? The first verse goes:

" One Saturday I took a walk to Zipperhead. I met a girl there. And she almost knocked me dead."

Well that store Zipperhead , a fixture on Philadelphia's South Street since 1980 will be closing by the end of the month.

It was reported in today's Philadelphia Daily News that a rent agreement couldn't be reached between the Zipperhead management and the owner of the building where Zipperhead has been for 25 years.

Although still one of kind and unique, today's suburban punks usually meander to the local Hot Topic(or GrungeCo as I heard an employee call it once)for their alternative wear.

The Dead Milkmen song gave Zipperhead national exposure and made it a must see destination on South Street.

So if you live in the Philadelphia area, visit this landmark store one last time before its gone.

The current owners will reopen a new store with a different name and location sometime in the future.

Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Heart Healthy...

I had my cardiologist appointment today. For new readers the backstory:Heart surgery 5 years ago..I'm ok now but I see a Dr. every 6 months.

My old cardiologist moved away so this was a brand new doctor. They did an echo cardiogram and I'm really doing well.I even lost 10 pounds since my last visit.

I was scheduling the next appointment and the office manager said "How about May 9th?"

Me: "Next week? What? I thought I was ok?"

She looks at me with the 'You are an idiot glance'

"No..May of 2006."

I smiled, and walked out of the doctor's office with a sense of relief.

Monday, May 02, 2005

Monday Bunday

Where are those boys? Baxter is on the prowl...

Baxter and her rivals! Who will she give her heart to?

Greyton and Baxter- a very cute couple.

Mr. Twizzle looking handsome.

My name is Bun.... Greyton Bun.

Do you mind? I'm trying to eat my romaine.

I'm dreaming of all my sexy girlfriends.

Greyton in total bliss - asleep near ample food.