Thursday, May 05, 2005

Let's Do the Time Warp Again...

It's meme I jump on the temproal bandwagon with...

25 Years Ago...It was 1980 and I was about to enter the 10th grade. My life wouldn't take a dramatic turn until the following year when I met 3 of my best friends and got a job at as a roller rink disc jockey.

20 Years Ago...Ok now it's time for all of you to have a really good laugh.Here is a photo of me from 1986.

Super Geek! Super Geek! I'm super geeky...yow!

Recently discovered by my old friend Kim who found my blog a few months ago. Everybody- Kim..Kim- everybody.She gave me permission to use this photo.
Notice the dead badger on my head. Well that's how us crazy New Wave lovin' kids wore our hair:long in front super short in the back and sides.My glasses are huge and should say Coca-Cola on them. That pic was taken at Hofstra University where I was a denizen for the decade of the 1980's.

15 Years Ago...1990....I had begun my first real job working for Hofstra's library. This was also the year I met the future Mrs. Pratt.

10 Years Ago...1995. I was now married to Mrs. Pratt, working at my current job, moving into a new apartment which I still miss occasionally( It was on the top floor of the building and overlooked the pool) We didn't own any bunnies yet. They didn't start appearing until 1997.

5 Years Ago...2000 was a bad year. I lost some of my grandparents. I had been diagnosed with aortic regurgitation and was due to have open heart surgery in a month. I was writing my Will. Seriously. We had Greyton,Princess and Feather as rabbits.

3 Years Ago...Mrs. Pratt were still setting up our new house:The Prattcave. I was finishing my degree from Villanova. We vacationed in Virginia Beach and Ocean City Maryland. Greyton, Princess and Feather were joined by new bunny Jay.

Last Year...I began the Blog of Pratt. Made some amazing new friends. Reconnected with some old friends. Spent time on Florida Beaches. Had a great time at JournalCon2004. We lost Feather due to kidney failure. Twizzle was added to the household and so was Baxter. Greyton and Twizzle bonded.

Yesterday...all my troubles seemed so far away...oh sorry...was singing there for a moment..uh yesterday was a typical work 9-5 then read blogs and say hi to friends online...feed the bunnies.Help Mrs. Pratt celebrate her final MBA class.

Today...An extremely busy morning at work. I didn't get a cup of coffee until almost noon!*gasp* I'll work until 5pm then pizza for dinner and Mrs. Pratt and I will watch The Apprentice.

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