Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Pack All My Troubles...

It's been five years since our last visit but Mrs. Pratt and I are returning to Key West next week. I really need this vacation....uh really.

Don't worry, the bunnies will be well taken care of by their usual house sitter/bunny sitter. They get along well with her and are always happy when she visits.

May I ask all you ladies out there something? When you go on a trip- do you tote all 18 bottles of your shampoos and conditioners along with you? Do you wait and just buy something once you are at the destination? Or use what's provided at the hotel?

Every vacation Mrs. Pratt starts assembling the Legion of Super Shampoos. There's the shampoo...and the conditioner...and the conditioning shampoo...and the face wash, the body wash and the bodyface conditioner wash in shampoo form.

Basically Proctor and Gamble are living in my suitcase

She looks at me with that sad gaze that my Y chromosome can't comprehend the necessity of all this.

Now honestly,I'm thrilled she takes such pride in her appearance and wants to be squeaky clean. But then the suitcase fears set in...the stuff opens up on the clothes. *SPLORT*

She claims that they are secured and bagged and wrapped in plastic but I still have the vacation trauma of a couple of shirts and pants sopping with shampoo when I arrived at a hotel once.

So every trip we take I try to bargain with her beauty regimen.

Me: "How about 1 shampoo and 1 conditioner..."

Mrs. Pratt: "Nope. I'm taking everything."

Me:"You don't want to compromise?"

Mrs. Pratt:"No. You are making fun of me in the blog about this so this is payback. It's all coming. Besides you'll be lugging your big tube of SPF 450 sun tan lotion."

Me: "Well that's different..I don't tan..I sunstroke."

She's staying tough and sticking to her...curling iron.

To Be continued...

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