Sunday, May 22, 2005

Pop Culture Round-Up...

I go away for a week and return to sad news that Frank Gorshin died. Gorshin will forever be known in pop culture history as The Riddler from the 1960's Batman tv show with Adam West.

His manic portrayal of The Riddler, Batman's taunting foe with the question marks all over those green pajamas and his phrase "Riddle me this..." won him an Emmy Award nomination in 1966. He received another for playing Commisioner Bele in the 1969 Star Trek episode "Let this Be your Last Battlefield".

A gifted mimic, Gorshin threw his manic energy in his stage appearances and did an amazing Burt Lancaster and Kirk Douglas impression among other Hollywood greats. In the last few years he toured as George Burns in a one man show "Say Goodnight Gracie".

But to pop culture fans- The Riddler and that manic laugh- that high pitch titter turned the character into a popular villian who remains a big threat in the latest round of Batman comic books.The characterization today still stems from what Gorshin did with the role almost 40 years ago. Not bad.

Also get well wishes are needed to everybody's favorite Little Buddy- Bob Denver had heart bypass surgery this week. Yeah it's weird realizing that Gilligan is now 70! I hope he has a speedy recovery.

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