Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Postcards from Paradise Pt.1...

90 miles from Cuba and 1365 miles from the Prattcave ..I'm coming to you from an internet cafe in Key West Florida. Mrs. Pratt and I are in paradise for a week.

I may be on vacation but the Blog must go on. So this week when I can steal a few minutes away I'll let you know what weirdness comes my way. It usually does you know.

I wasn't disappointed due oto our first day flying here. First stop was to Ft. Lauderdale,Florida. Passengers on the plane included a party of 36 people who were meeting a cruise ship- a couple was getting married and 34 of their relatives and friends were accompanying them on the honeymoon cruise. YICK.

The flight attendents included a big toothy woman who upon seeing a guy wearing a "Party Girls Like Me" t-shirt said she liked Party Guys so he was in luck. The other flight attendent was a dead ringer for former MTV 120 minutes host Matt Pinfield. Halfway through the flight we noticed he was holding hands with a lady a few rows up and actually doing the old "This is your love line..this is your life line" routine with her palm. Mrs. Pratt found this hillarious and we were waiting for him to ask her sign next. Groovy.

Behind us sat a girl I dubbed "Air-head" she was a teenager travelling with her parents and asked questions like when we were about to make our descent..."Did the plane come to a stop?"

Her father replied calmy ,"No dear. We would plummet to the earth. the jet keeps moving until we land."

"Sometimes the blogs write themselves." ,Mrs. Pratt said to me.

We took a 16 seat plane from Ft. Lauderdale to Key west. A slight delay due to "weight and balance issues" . We got to Key west and the stand -in for Lowelll from "Wings" informed us that they didn't put any of our luggage on the plane. 16 angry people were at the ticket counter. We were reassured we would get our bags within 24 hours.

Mrs. Pratt gloated that she was prepared and had a change of clothes in her carry-on. About 5 times she did this. gah.We didn't argue though we had a perfect sunset to watch.

We made the most of it- and had a few drinks at Sloppy Joe's the first night. The bags did arrive and we went soundly to sleep Sunday night. But I wondered what the rabbits were up to.

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