Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Postcards from Paradise Pt.2...

We woke up refreshed on Monday morning and the first place Mrs. Pratt was eager to return to was the Key West Lighthouse. Across the street from it was the Hemmingway House where Ernest Hemmingway lived for 9 years. The last time we were at the Hemmingway home it was right before Hurricane Georges and the most famous residents were nowhere to be seen. these were the numerous cats that populate the property. They are all descended from a six toed cat the Ernest Hemmingway had.

Mrs. Pratt and I got a lot of photos of them which I put on the blog at a future date. We had wandered to digfferent sections of the garden when Mrs. Pratt was standing under a balcony . Unfortunately she looked up and saw a horrific sight.

It was a 220 pound drag queen in sparkly gold shoes - a SHORT dress - shoulders like a member of the NFL and a blonde wig that was somewhere between Dolly Parton and a squirrel's nest.

Key West is known for its unique gathering of people. I had seen Miss THING stomping about the grounds earlier and when we met up Mrs. Pratt was almost catatonic explaining how she looked up and saw him- her - whatever...

"Pink....thong...." were the only words she was able to choke out.

We needed booze. Lots of it.

After an afternoon at the pool of our bed and breakfast we began our Duval St. Bar Crawl. We stopped at one bar called Fogarty's. Do you see the frozen drink menu?

Yes, we sampled a few.

No, I did not end up in jail.

Yes, my head hurt this morning.

No, I did not get sick.

Yes, I intend on doing that every night this week.

More Postcards from us tomorrow...

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