Friday, May 20, 2005

Postcards from Paradise Pt.4...

Shady is the resident of the guesthouse we are staying in. She is a gray tabby and very friendly to all the visitors. When I get back I promise everyone some cute pics of her. She helped us out Thursday morning.

Wednesday night was another night of several "beverages" and we weaved back to the property talking about what we were planning for Thursday. We were doing an all day boat trip to the Dry Tortugas. There is an old Civil War-era fort there and of course a lighthouse *sigh*. But also there is a fantatstic beach to do some snorkeling.

The downside is we had to get up at 6am. 6....A...frickin' M.

We were discussing the early rising time when we came across Shady, lounging about near the stairs. Shady must have been listening to us talk about the early start because then the weirdest thing happened.

She came to our room and woke us up.

Seriously, all week we haven't seen her early but Thursday early morning about 4am we heard "mrow meow meowmeeeeeow" outside our window from the deck. I opened the blinds and Shady is there looking at me "MEOW!"

I thought cats only did night time serenading in cartoons. I told Shady to come back at 6am to wake us up and shut the blinds.

6AM- on the dot...a few minutes before the alarm clock we set went off..

"MROW meow meow meow meow!!" I open the window Shady is there with a sly smile..and scampers away.

Shady giving us the 6am wake-up concert.

It's one more thing that adds to the wonderful weirdness that is Key West.

The day was a long one for us. The boat left at 7:30 and arrived on Garden Key at 10:30. We then had the time to go explore the island, the fort, and snorkel until 2:45. The boat ride back was through some choppy waters and we bounced around a bit. I never get seasick neither does Mrs. Pratt so we had a great adventure.

There was a bar on the boat and after one set of bumpy waves the plastic blender cup started flying off the bar. A guy grabbed it in mid air and saved a whole lot of Margaritas. Our hero. He got an ovation from the boat.

The night time excursion into Old Town Key West included stops at several other drinking establishments including the original site of Sloppy Joe's - now called "Capt. Tony's". This is a really fun bar filled with business cards tackd up everywhere on the walls and bras hanging from the rafters. Mrs. Pratt stayed intact but I added a Blog of Pratt business card to the collection.

A guitar player was playing some classic rock around a crowd of very very very very drunk people (Um we were just on our first beers then) Guitar guy played "50 ways to leave your lover" by Paul Simon. A macho swaggering doofus next to us started bragging.

Macho swaggering doofus: "I caught Simon and Garfunkel Live at the Hollywood Bowl a few years ago.They Fuckin' ROCKED!"

There were two drunk women nearby with husbands in tow.

Drunk woman#1: I am soooo wasted.

Drunk women#2: So am I. We need more tequila then."

She then tried to do a sexy dance for her husband while guitar guy was playing Neil Young's "Old Man". Yeeks!

Macho swaggering doofus just kept mumbling to his buddies- "They fuckin' rocked...."

We had a few rounds and headed back to the hotel.That night just fuckin' rocked.

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