Saturday, May 21, 2005

Postcards from Paradise Pt.5...

Our last full day In Key West started out with a walk down past the Southernmost point and to the Southernmost House. The other two visits to the island- this palatial home was under reconstruction and becoming a luxury hotel.

We walked around a bit o check out the beautiful tile work. I told Mrs. Pratt a joke about tile. Why are men like a tile floor? Lay them right and you can walk all over it for 30 years. Yes, I got the Look of Death from her. That didn't take a vacation.

Several bartenders and bar dwellers had mentioned to us that at this hotel in the back decks where there is a lovely pool and bar- rabbits run around.


Sure enough, as we were looking around we saw a white and brown little rabbit scoot across the courtyard and over to a little house where there was some food for him.

yes we got photos- sorry i couldn't include any yet in the posts.

It made me homesick for our bunnies- I got a call from our rabbit sitter and happy to report Greyton and the gang are all behaving themselves.

We walked up Duval St. to a new attraction The Key West Butterfly Conservatory. It's a greenhouse environment and hundreds of butterflys are uh..fluttering by.

Lunch yesterday was at one of the best places to get Key Lime Pie. It's called Alice's. No Arlo Guthrie wasn't around- it's a different Alice's restaurant.

After lunch Mrs. Pratt paid a visit to the famous Key West cememtary. It features unique epitaths on tombstones like the one that reads "I told you I was sick".
I paid a visit to several drinking establishments and found myself in a very liquid way by late afternoon.

We met up again for the final sunset which was the best of the week. The night and our vacation concluded with a dinner and more beverages at Sloppy Joe's. Our favorite local performers Pete and Wayne were there. I'm shocked I'm no more hungover today but I feel great, refreshed and ready to go home.

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