Sunday, May 29, 2005

Pratt-1 Yankees-0...

Mrs. Pratt and I were trying to decide what to do this weekend. There seems to be a whole lot going on in Philadelphia. First we debated visiting the Philadelphia Zoo. They have baby sea otters there. Sea otters are extremely cute. But we feared that the crush of the crowds on a holiday weekend would be too much.

Then we were thinking of dropping by the National Constitution Center to see one of the original copies of the Declaration of Independence.It's in town for the weekend thanks to Norman Lear. He purchased the famous copy from 1776 that was found in the back lining of an old painting bought for $4 at a yard sale then auctioned for millions. Lear loans it out to historical facilities every so often. But again we really didn't feel like dealing with traffic in the city.

We're saving all those headaches for 4th of July weekend. Yeah that will be big. Bacause on the 4th, Elton John is doing a free concert on the Ben Franklin Parkway which will draw thousands. And it was announced that Philadelphia will be the site of the American leg of Live Aid 2 "Live 8" on July 2nd.

Ok so with all those events on the back burner for now , we remembered that the James A. Michener Art Museum had a special exhibit dedicated to the Art of Warner Brothers Cartoons.

The museum was in nearby Doylestown,PA so it was a quick drive there.

Spending time with our favorite Bunny.

It really was cool to see the drawings and hard work put in by a variety of artists to make the masterpieces that are the Warner Brothers Cartoons. From pencil sketches to the finished cel paintings it was such a treat to see.

As joyful as spending an afternoon with Bugs Bunny was, upon leaving the museum the weirdness that always finds it way to me occured. We noticed that across the street on the grounds of the Mercer Museum there were tents set up- like an encampment. Mrs. Pratt cried out "Oh no!" and I exchanged painful looks with her. It was a big gathering of Civil War Reenactors.

Yes, I know it's Memorial Day weekend and we should honor our brave fighting men and women who sacrifice their lives for us in battle. I do, I really have a good dose of respect for the Greatest Generation and members of the armed services today.

And also I love history. Half the books I own are biography, I was a history major in college, I dig the History Channel sometimes.

But I can't stand 2 things- Renaissance fairs and Civil War reenactments.

People love to celebrate the Civil War but I find it kind of sad. The absolute best argument of how I feel is in an essay by Joe Queenan, written for the late,great Spy Magazine it's called The Civil War Sucks.

So despite the urge to laugh out loud at most of the people spending the weekend discussing Vicksburg and the machinations of Stonewall Jackson we couldn't pass up the opportunity to check it out."It's Blogging Gold!" I said.

We walked among the tents and interacted with the "troops" one was on a cellphone behind a tree,another had to run out to the parking lot- he left his bayonet in the Ford Explorer.The general alarm was sounded when an empty Diet Pepsi can was found sitting near the tents. Historical accuracy is a must.And now some pics:

"Why yes I do think Lincoln is one gnarly dude."

"And so I said to Johnny Reb, you sir, should be home watching NASCAR."

Here I am trying to scalp some tickets to Ford's Theater. I tried to tip them off about John Wilkes Booth but nooooooo....

We said goodbye to the Yankees and headed home.

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